The frequency converter exports the reactor specializedly

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Details of the products 1. Nominal voltage: 380V/ 50Hz, 660V/ 50Hz, 1140V/ 50Hz
2.Electric-resisting intensity: Core − Coil 2500VAC/ 50Hz, 10Ma/ 60S does not have arc over that is punctured
3.Insulation resistance: Core − Coil 500VDC, insulating resistance-value & ge; 500M
4.The reactor noise is smaller than 60dB, test of a meter of horizontal distance
5.Suitable for compensating and harmonic administration of the reactive power
6.It is the influence of compensating long-line distributed capacitance to output the main function of the reactor, harmonic current of suppress out;
7.Raise and export high-frequency impedance, inhibit DV/ dt effectively, lower the high-frequency leakage current, get up and protect the frequency converter, reduce the function of the apparatus noise;
8.Protect the frequency converter and improve the power factor, can prevent the interference from electric wire netting effectively, reduce the pollution of the electric wire netting of harmonic current that the rectifying unit produced.

The products carry out the test stone: IEC289: 1987 reactors
GB10229-88 reactor
JB9644-1999 semi-conductive electricity transmits and uses the reactor
GB6450-86 this Standard equivalent national standard IEC 726( 1982) " dry electric voltage transformer ".

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