800*1000*250 outdoor rain -proof family estate cases

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Products details fit firm the intersection of electric apparatus and Co., Ltd. deal in distribution box, switch board, the intersection of multimedia and case, equipotential terminal box, the intersection of television and distribution cabinet, the intersection of optic fibre and case, electricity meter case mainly
This rain-proof family estate case of our company is wall type divided:
JXF (indoor) , JFF (the open air) Serial wall type control boxes are that one kind is designed according to component type, specification, quantity and assembled into a distribution box of various control function, because the size class of the container body is various, can choose the container body arbitrarily according to the size of the mounting member, make the structure reach the perfect association. The case JXF wall type control box of the family estate was divided into 15 kinds of specifications, all products bent and welded by electrolyzing the steel plate, the surface passes epoxy resin static spraying treatment, attractive and durable. Contain the sealed India-rubber strip on the container body V mold box, prevent the dust, rainwater from penetrating; There are active knock down holes on the upper and lower both sides of container body, and already added a cover and sealed; Furnished with installing the bottom panel in the case, can install the electric equipment, the door opens greater than 90o to rotate flexibly. The structure of this serial control boxes was made and welded with the Bow Bowing of thin steel. Function switch, indicator light or measuring the indicating instrument,etc. are installed on the case faceplate, other electric equipment are installed on the solid planks.

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