Germany obo modularization power lightning arrester

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German thunder and lightning shelter manufacturing technology, combine the characteristic of environment for use of China, the products are suitable for exchanging power supply systems such as the frequency 50/60hz, tn-s, tn-c-s, tn-c, tt, it of the nominal voltage 380v/220v,etc., protect electric wire netting and apparatus from being damaged by the lightning current or surge voltage. Its design considerations accord with iec61643-10, gb50057-94 ' 2000 edition) , gb50343. Built-in invalid release, can break away from the invalid module from electric wire netting automatically, visual at the same time to report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance the indicating device turns from green into red. Response time is less than 25 nanoseconds. Install 35mm electric guide rail. The outer cover strengthens the inflaming retarding material with the high strength. Indicating device and remote signaling contact, acoustooptic warning function that available and visual to report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance. It has contact function of remote signaling that available, in order to realize and control long-rangely.

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