High-pressure vacuum circuit breaker (ZW8-12G/1250-31.5)

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Company's speciality sells ZW8-12/630-20 ZW8-12/1250-20 ZW8-12G/630-20 ZW8-12G/1250-20 ZW8-12M/630-20 ZW8-12G ZW8-12G/1250-20 in batches Vacuum circuit breaker

Item Model: ZW8-12/630-20 ZW8-12/1250-20 ZW8-12G/630-20 ZW8-12G/1250-20 ZW8-12M/630-20

The products are summed up:
The ZW8-12 type outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker is that the nominal voltage is 12KV, the outdoor high-pressure switch apparatus of the three-phase alternating current 50Hz, in the power distribution systems of city network and rural power grids, as dividing, shutting the using of load current, overcurrent and short circuit current. The matched spring stored energy operating organization of this product, can operate manually, operate electronically and divide the closing operation remotely. Can add in the circuit breaker to installing the disconnecting switch. The high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker of ZW8-12M permanent magnetism, magnetic mechanism and epoxy resin pour advanced technique such as the insulation process of the solid condition wholly forever after merging the latest one of our times, and adopted vaccum on-off technology, the longe-lived characteristic with reliable and for a long time totally non-maintaining on-off of having electricity. External insulation adopts and imports the outdoor specialized epoxy resin to pour wholly, have ultraviolet resistance, defend the flashover, resist advantages such as pollution,etc..
This product is totally oilfree, without SF6, non-maintaining, do not pollute the environment. Adopt the advanced magnetic mechanism forever, mechanical performance is stable and reliable; Equip with assign, the intersection of switching-in and organization, can scene divide into manually if necessary, closing operation manually. This product has small, light, a great deal of advantages of running reliably, pollution-freely, non-maintainingly etc. easy to operate.

The key feature of the products:
The epoxy resin is solid and insulating, oilfree and having no SF6, not endangering vaccum on-off, longitudinal magnetic field arc extinction, stable and reliable and importing the outdoor specialized epoxy resin to the environment, ultraviolet resistance, defending the flashover, the difficult aging permanent magnetism operating organization is non-maintaining, but the bistable magnetic mechanism forever of long-term reliable operation, do not know demagnetization, can use mechanical life permanently minimumly and can reach the structural compactness, small, light 20000 or more times, easy to install and transporting the container body processed with special-method, without corrosion, can keep the appearance lasting and esthetic (can choose the stainless steel container body) Adopt the high intelligent computer control device, offers many kinds of functions, various requirements of satisfiable users' can mix FTU and realize remote control, monitor and realize SCADA function.

Pack:Wooden case
Specification:Vacuum circuit breaker
Trade mark:Auspicious to speed
Operating range:High voltage breaker
Arc extinguishing medium:Vacuum type

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