54V30W power transformer

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Brand / type: Import / 66x36
Cooling way: The oil immersion is air-cooled
Frequency character: Low frequency
Power rating: 30( KVA) W
Dampproof way: Open
Type: 66x36
Brand: Import

General scientific and technological snow industrialized country on field of slope of Buji, Shenzhen of China of Electronics Co., Ltd. of the emperor in Shenzhen, our company is that one specializes in the voltage transformer. Switching power supply, selling wholesale limited company of products such as the rectifier, direct-flow stabilized voltage supply, garage door, flexible door, opening machine, medical equipment control panel voltage transformer,etc.. Shenzhen emperor general scientific and technological product of Electronics Co., Ltd. enjoy higher status among consumers, company and many retailers and commission agents have established the stable cooperation relation for a long time. Our company is influential, heavy credit, keeping the contract, guaranteeing product quality, manage the principles of characteristic and small profits and quick turnover with many varieties, has won the confidence of the masses of customers.

Contacts: Zhang ZhaoYin
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Address: Guangdong Hundred million fields lying fallow in rotation and industrial area A a of the 3rd floor of paddy field of the stone rock of Shenzhen
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