Safe crane's electric ACL incoming line reactor of Shanghai Input the reactor

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Safe crane
Systematic nominal voltage:
00( KV)
Rated current:
00( A)
Incoming line reactor
Iron core type reactor
Insulation structure:
Dry reactor

Serial dry iron core reactor this use for, enter, appear with frequency converter end connect in series, as the incoming line reactor and coiling out reactor of the frequency converter. The frequency converter will produce the greater harmonic wave while working, if does not put into the line reactor, will reduce the frequency converter and use the life time of the electrical equipment greatly, when the harmonic interference is serious, will cause some apparatuses not to be be operated normally, will reduce every harmonic content greatly after adding and putting into the line reactor, improve the power factor of the electric wire netting, guarantee the frequency converter and other and use the safe operation of the electrical equipment, other guarantee is free of harmonic interference with the electrical equipment; Install additionally, coil out reactor passivate frequency converter output voltage ' Switching frequency) Gradient,last power the perturbations and impacts of the components. And this reactor can inhibit the loop surge effectively at the time of supporting switching-in, frequency converter device and other components and parts in the protective return avoid the electric current to assault.

This reactor is three phases, and that the core is dry. The core adopts the high-quality low loss to import the silicon electric sheet of cold-rolled orientation, the air gap adopts epoxily to laminate the glass fibre board to make the interval, in order to guarantee the air gap in the course of running of reactor does not change. The coil adopts the enamelled wire of F grade to wind, Wen Sheng's relatively low heat producing is also relatively small, have a little effect on electrical apparatus element around. The whole dip-coating of reactor has reduced the noise of the runtime. Small, such advantages as the appearance is beautiful with light weight of having volume of this reactor.

The order is required: Mark out the rated current ' Or the frequency converter power rating) ,Input voltage, voltage drop (or inductance quantity) ,Use the ambient temperature ' Standard 40 ¡æ) ,Whether need other conditions.

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