In conformity with gzdw high-frequency switching power supply 300ah/220v dc screen

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Technical parameter: The power of ac input mainly supports and the specified input voltage of back up supply for two-way three phase four wire system: Three-phase alternating current four-wire 380v± 15%, frequency 50hz± 5% are struck by lightning and protected: Higher than the direct-current volts of the nominal output of 2000:1: 110v, 220v specified output current: The nominal capacity of 5-200a storage battery: 10-3000ah power factor: ≥ 0.9 electric current control band: Precision of ie voltage regulation 0-100%: ≤ Precision of current regulator 0.5%: ≤ 0.5% of the ripple factor: ≤ Fluidity 0.1%: ≤ 5% of the complete machine noises: < 55db operating mode: The application area of continuous work: Gzdw serial direct-flow power cabinets suitable for the power distribution rooms of 10- 500kv converting station, power plant, skyscraper, housing district,etc., and small-scale self-supply power plant, as the operation, control power supply and accident lighting source of high voltage switch, relay protection, automatics,etc.. Can also apply to other places that need the direct current power supply at the same time. Product this accord with zbk45017-90 " whether electric system with the common technical condition of the dc screen " and dl/t459-2000And ls (w) Canonial technical requirements such as direct-flow power cabinet technical condition of 30-40jt,etc., product quality reaches and leads competence at home. This product charger unit can charge the module with high frequency and accuse of the battery charging unit. This product computer control device can use plc control device type and one piece model. Use the environmental condition: Ambient temperature: -10 ¡æ- + 45 ¡æ; The height above sea level: Less than 2400m; Relative humidity: Japan's mean value is not greater than 95%, monthly mean value is not greater than 90%; Earthquake intensity: Do not exceed 8 degrees; There are no fire, explosion hazard, serious filth, chemical corrosion and violent vibrating place. Microcontroller antinoise: 1000v1μ Minute of s pulse 1. Structural features and cabinet are counted: 1, Structural features In front of the cabinet is the whole glass door, the back is the double door, the appearance is elegant in appearance; The constructional design of the cabinet benefits rigging up and debugging, operating repair and operation; Physical dimension has 2260& times; 800× 600mm, 2360× 800× 600mm two kinds of standards. 2,The cabinet counts the cabinet to count and have something to do with module counting, factors such as way, grade of battery capacity, type, direct-current volts,etc. of going back of feeder, as follows, generally speaking (Take 220v system as examples, cabinet size: 2260× 800× 600mm)

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