Combined bridge picture of bus duct bridge of cable bridge profile

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Xqj series bus bar installation casing that our company produce have compact reasonable, strong disposing flexible installing advantaging convenient, complete in specifications bearing capacity, it is used in trades such as kerosene, chemical industry, light textile, metallurgy, electricity, machinery,etc. extensively, still suitable for fields such as broadcasting television, computer conferencing project, fire control project,etc. at the same time. The xqj series bus bar installation casing is divided into step-shaped, support dish type and slot type three kinds, it makes the cable, electric power circuit lay and the network routing of the skyscraper make the neat, esthetic, norm, have realized canonicalization, seriation and generalization in the engineering too, in order to beautify the environment and the safety in production is offered the new route. The xqj series bus bar installation casing that our factory produces surface treats and adopts powder electrostatic spraying innovative technology, it not only has the intensity of the metal bus bar installation casing but also have insulating quality of the plastic bridge, especially suitable for heavy acid, heavy alkali and have in gaseous environment of corrosivity, it last 3-5 time bridge than in galvanizations general,please every design department, unit in charge of construction and user be chosen to be popularized, and the present guidance of our factory. 2.Applicable scope: The xqj series cable bridge profile is suitable for the voltage in power cable of under 10 kilovolts, and the laying of indoor, outdoor impracticable cable chutes, tunnels such as control cable, lighting conductor arrangement. 3.Structural features and installation: The xqj series cable bridge profile has complete varieties, characteristic that employ widely, the intensity is large, the structure is light, the fabrication cost is low, construction is simple, conductor arrangement flexibility, safety standard, appearance are esthetic, bring convenience to technological transformation, expanding the cable, operating repair. The installation of the xqj series cable bridge profile can suit measures to local conditions, it is laid that can be impracticable with the craft pipeline; The floor, install under the roof beam; Indoor and outdoor in wall, post jamb, tunnel, cable chute wall side arranged,it can prop up in mound installing or at masts open-air, when the large-scale multi-layer bridge hoists or stands and puts, should try hard to adopt I beam mast bilateral symmetry to lay. Cable bridge profiles xqj series can level, vertically run, but corner, t character form, it is cross branched; But width modulated, heightens, diameter-varying. 4.The arrangement of the cable bridge profile on the level: (1)It should be a weak current control cable in the upper most layer that the level of the cable bridge profile is arranged, then the general control cable, undervoltage power cable, the high-pressure power cable is arranged(see the following form) down sequentially . It helps to shield the interference, power cable to cool, convenient constructing to arrange like this. (2)The interfloor distance of cable bridge profile between every layer is: & ge of control cable; 200mm power cable & ge; 300mm mechanized cabling & ge; 400mm5. The size of the cable bridge profile chooses and calculates: The general calculation of loaded g of the cable bridge profile: gзм=n1q1+n2q2+n3q3+… … In the type: Q1, q2, q3… … It is the long weight (kg/m) of per unit of a cable N1, n2, n3… … Should be smaller than the permission load (consult the load curve chart) of the cable bridge profile for the root g of the corresponding cable When being outdoor bringing shrouding, should charge will it be year such as moderate breeze year such as water factor to as cable bridge profile. The calculation of the width b of the cable bridge profile: (1)Power cable b =n1(d1+k1) +n2(d2+k2) +n3(d3+k3) +… … In the type: D1, d2, d3… … It is every cable diameter n1, n2, n3… … It is a diametral root k1, k2, k3&hellip of every corresponding cable; … It be less than d that minimum for every cable interval (K-value /4)(2)Control the calculation (the fill factor of the general cable bridge profile fetch about 40%) of the width b of the cable bridge profile The total sectional area of the cable: s0 =n1π (d1/2) 2+n2π (d2/2) 2+… … The area of horizontal year of the required bracket: s=s0d/0. 4 =s/h=s/(0.3h) In the type: H is the cable bridge profile clear height 6. Attentive matters (1) The maximum load of the cable bridge profile device of the Model xqj, it is should be smaller than allowing loaded support spacing supporting the interval. (2)Choose on the width of the cable bridge profile annual one of fine long hair leave certain spare bit bare in April, in order to use in order to add the cable in the future. (3)When there are less power cables and control cables, very the same cable bridge is installed, but the middle want, respectively turn on to lay with baffle power cable and control cable. (4)When the level of the cable bridge profile is laid, the piecing between the bridges should try hard to set up about 1/4 of spacing. Horizontal every cable of trend 2 meter about and fixed, vertical every cable of trend 1.5 meter fixed. (5)The cable bridge profile device should have reliable ground. If use bridge as, earth trunk line, should annealed copper wire stand up in parallel and with earth the trunk line, communicate always with 16mm2 each end of bridge, the cable bridge profile at a long distance is earthed once every 30-50 meters. (6)Cable bridge profile device besides needing to shield and install the shield, should install shield additionally in top level their while installing while being outdoor, prevent drying in the sun, catching in the rain. Such as to needing to weld while installing; The thickness of weld joint all around of the weldment can't be smaller than the thickness of the base metal, the necessary antiseptic treatment of the welded junction.

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