Full of trees Ke's electric apparatus Pressure regulator 40A of solid condition

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Brand / type: Full of trees Ke / R40A-1
Type: R40A-1
Brand: Full of trees Ke
Nominal voltage: 220V
Rated current: 40A
Contact load: 220
The contact switches over the electric current: 40
The contact switches over the voltage: 220
Contact form: Closing type

Defective in quality in 90 days, make the products not have normal operation. Wrapped up renewal directly, there is not any reason to refuse to replace (the quality is protected in one year) Please rest assured to buy.

Hey hey. . .” The brother & ldquo; Who says that has worn vicissitudes to click. But is valued for durable in usely) Quality is no longer under. Can rest assured to buy.

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It is obviously different that this our products follows other products. Domestic and importing the difference with very great quality, it is domestic and durable and resist the high temperature and very bad, how long does it use very easy burning off, and import on the contrary, have quality assurance while being durable in use.The intersection of quality and saying no.

Only allow the second of time to kill,Miss this time. There is not this price again next time. May have will already return to the original price till that time.

My product cost does not include freight charges and expenses of taxation, have needs and can be phoned, prosperous and prosperous, QQ inquires. Thank you for understanding

There are three kinds of terms of payment: 1, Bank transfer ( Convenient and swift) 2,Pay the treasure

Pay the payment for goods ' Safe) 3,The way of delivering: Urban area delivered free of charge in Wenzhou ' Buy 100 fully) . It

His area passes the post office. Express to the company and deliver goods. Give the payment for goods purchaser


My product cost does not include freight charges and expenses of taxation
Do not support the cash against delivery. Obey the abundant express delivery: /Sc /look for.

Item Model



Rated operational voltage: 220V

The rated operational current of R40A-1: 40A

220KΩ Voltage regulation of the resistance

Range of regulation

20- 240VAC

Ambient temperature

-30- 80 ¡æ

Physical dimension



Before buying the products, ask the friends to read and install the real picture interstar connection method above carefully first, our serivce object has basal customer of certain electron, the components and parts, chip, module products please must be familiar with circuit parameter and interstar connection way etc. first; More energization running-in. So as not to cause the picture now that the power was connected inside out, overtension or overlow, the load power went beyond etc. and burnt the device, module. It is tested and totally sent out normally that all of us will be energization before the module products are sent out; If because user's misoperation causes the customer equipment and module damage of the components and parts, responsibility is conceited!

Defective in quality in 90 days, make the products have no work. Wrap up renewal directly, there is not any reason that refuse to be replaced, please rest assured to buy. Customer misoperation or it is in which reasons other cause burning off and peoples other for loss in retreating and exchanging goods at range; My shop does not bear any freight charges that retreated and exchanged goods to happen; Hoping and can post problematic product, answer our company, we will let technicians measure, the question is lain in there, easy to improve. Phone or contact us first by washing the treasure prosperous prosperous QQ before remembering replacing. Thank you for your cooperation. Give to you and can not bring troublesomely, really very sorry.

We general acquiescence take place, obey abundant express delivery, have specific place less than will take place flexible, thanks.

Sum up:
Because this firm is that an entity sells the shop in batches, the products are various, presenting within short time in short supplily or floated situation of price that some products may sell the partial products singly and few, in case

The shopkeeper, while finding out of stock in the warehouse(this situation is few) after you take treasures and pay the bill ,Shopkeeper will in contact you (if you will not play your receiving electricity online in washing the treasure 1~2 hours in you take treasure

) ,And will give you recommendation and products proximal goods you want, if the treasure recommending it does not conform to your purpose, we will give you a refund. Because the products of this shop are various at the same time, the freight charges count the law

Abnormality, the freight charges generally adopt and consult with the shopkeepers of this shop in the definite way. In in addition decline shop small comment on difference? ? ? Any dissatisfaction can communicate with the shopkeeper, consult and solve the thing and have, China

It is problem solving that difference is commented, and have no advantage to you, consult problem solving only together and is responsible for the buyer's maximum, we will certainly try hard to give you a satisfactory reply, are thanked

Thank everybody for everybody's cooperation

Buyer's notice:
Express delivery and sign for question:
1: Buyer please must check face to face while signing for parcels, in order to check the goods and transporting the course to have damage, damage or short of losing, if there is the above-mentioned problem and please mustn't be signed for,

And get in touch with hotel owner in front of the persons who send one as soon as possible, in this way the hotel owner can be with expressing to the company or stream company and discussing that compensated, please don't tell hotel owner few things after signing for

Or the goods are damaged, do not bear any responsibility (observe and pay the trade dispute of the treasure to handle the rule) without exception like this As to the goods defective in quality, offer service of replacing, and is born by this shop

Take on postage and bank, remit money the intersection of factorage and expense.
2: Shop this accept company,etc. carrier cause send the delay with charge free because of express delivery, stream, express staff, it behaves badly to be reason that we cause and give us comment and difference comment, also

The buyer that please be dear thinks, because the goods have not been sent out within our control limit in transposition, no one dares to guarantee the each persons of persons who express to in all parts of the country at the right time

And sent your piece very warmly!
3: The cooperation of this shop is expressed to the company and sent to acquiescence: Obey the abundant express delivery. Secondly have, flexible, it is open to explain, China's open express delivery, the musical sound is reached, EMS,etc.! ! As appointing expressly, please tell the shop

Main fact, consult express fee (because every express company, charge one)
4: This shop does not support the cash against delivery, thanks and understand!
5: If ordinary stream, can offer to the stream company that you send, if there is not this of ours, can only send the others stream company to the area which you belong to, but the stream needs

You carry by oneself, and check one is cumbersome, need you to contact the stream company to check one!
6: As to the customer in the same city, can reach entity's shop carrying or the subway deliver personally too!
About articles
1: There is not quality problem that can exchange goods, but the buyer should bear all freight charges. But if damage main part and fittings, can not retrieve.
2: About the packing of product, after drawing numerous bitter lessons, we pack competence and already improve much more. In addition, we are responsible sellers, adopt & ldquo; Retreat while being bad, or

Return & rdquo; . We are serious about each customer without exception, no matter magnitude, you are our customer! We rest assured to buy, please!
3: If products express course, present little to damage, do not influence use. Please be magnanimous put up with, spend, things is sent and taken place the first time of dawdling to go, second waste express fee.

If really can't use, we look for and express to company's claim together. (please check good article qualities and quantity before signing for)
4: In addition articles are not emperorship in the shop, there may be little flaws more or less, can not be perfect in every way, in addition will see the cost performance too, the price is cheap, don't be too high naturally

Require and expect!
5: This shop offers all products materials to be only for reference, the products color and function are subject to material object and specification.
Deliver and send to time
1: Paid the bill before 16 o'clock that afternoon, we will send out to you on the same day, we substantially as can't send out on the same day ing will tell you when you paid the bill! (except festivals or holidays)
2: Paid the bill after 16 o'clock that afternoon, single article or Third Five-Year Plan Period one kind of articles, we too can give you send out the same day, can't send out the same day, too can prove with you too '

Except festivals or holidays)
3: All articles afternoon 17: Send by piece in unison the 30th later,it wash in treasure filling out single the 10th evening ago (don't Cui piece,will have piece sent out we at fastest speed, thing that can be finished today

,We will not stay until tomorrow! )
4: Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces area is generally today one takes place in the weather, tomorrow the second can send to (such as having unexpected special circumstances to have a delay)
5: Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, Fujian, Guangxi, Anhui, sends one today when the place, the day after tomorrow could send to the next day, three days (such as having unexpected special circumstances to have a delay)
6: Other remote area three give five day, look at a lot of articles which you bought and could walk and express air transport or vapour luck!
7: Unexpected to delay the activities of sending articles with charge free, it expresses to and expresses to staff's behaving badly and other problems and brings inconvenience for you, very sorry for this,after all uncontrollable in some thing we? ?

Can do, give you send out article as soon as possible, it reaches express delivery to be what we can control on hand!
If has already confirmed and we bought the goods, indicated you have already approved our & ldquo; The buyer notice & rdquo; Treaty!

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