Forced-oil electric voltage transformer of voltage regulation of 35KV duplex winding excitation-free

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Brand / type: Rich to open electric / 35KV forced-oil electric voltage transformer
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Brand: It is opened electrically that rich
Type: 35KV forced-oil electric voltage transformer
Nominal voltage: 35( kV) V
Nominal capacity: 800~31500( KVA) KVA
Support and consume: Call to consult (W)
Impedance voltage: Call to consult ' %) %
Product certification: ISO9001

First, applicable scope

800- The 31500/35 type forced-oil voltage transformer is suitable for exchanging 50Hz, in the rated operational voltage 35KV and the following electric system, turn into the electrical equipment as the medium and small-scale converting station.

Second, type meaning

Third, structural features

3.1 Core

Core applicable high magnetic conductive grain orientation cold-reduced silicon sheet. The core is the core of heart type, laminating core of the whole miter joint, its iron core rod is a stagewise circular section of multistep, yoke and the core, in order to wait for the section.

3.2 Coil

Coil the intersection of concentric type and coil, high tension winding have whom corresponding tapping voltage require take a percentage, cause the shunting switch, the switch install, live in the case, cover, and need the commutable tapping voltage of rear of power cut.

3.3 Security protection mechanism

The voltage transformer is equipped with the gas relay; The voltage transformer contains the pressure relief valve;

3.4 Oil protective device

The voltage transformer is equipped with the oil conservator, its one end is equipped with the baonet gauge; Should add the oil-sealed moisture absorber of load tape on the oil conservator of the voltage transformer;

3.5 Oil warm measuring set

The socket equipped with liquid-in-glass thermoneter of the voltage transformer, the socket is set up on the crest of the fuel tank, stretch into 120 plusmn in the oil; 10mm;

1000KVA and the above voltage transformer contain the signal thermometer of the outdoor type;

3.6 Voltage transformer fuel tank and attachment

Voltage transformer supply dolly with seldom, bottom of the case welding position of support should accord with the regulations of GB6451-1999;

Contain the oil sample valve on the lower wall of the fuel tank, the fuel tank underpart of the voltage transformer contains the enough large oil drain valve;

Fourth, working condition

Installation height: It is less than 1000m that above sea level;

Ambient temperature: -From 40 ¡æ to +40 ¡æ

Fifth, main technical parameter

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