AC contactor CJ20-400A AC contactor

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Brand / type: New Dary electric factory / CJ20-400A
Nominal voltage: 380( V) V
Electrical durability: 10 (ten thousand times)
Type: CJ20-400A
Rated current: 400( A) A
Brand: New Dary electric factory
Mechanical life: 100 (ten thousand times)
Product certification:
Process and customize: Yes
The CJ20 series AC contactor is used mainly for exchanging 50Hz or 60Hz, the rated operational voltage is to 660V, rated operational current in the circuit of 630A, support the using of remote putting through and breaking circuit, and the electric apparatus association of hot year appropriate, the circuit of service load may happen in order to protect. Second, the air temperature is around type, meaning three, nominal operating condition and installation conditions 3.1: -5 ¡æ- +40 ¡æ. Its mean value does not exceed +35 ¡æ in 24 hours; 3.2 The height above sea level: Less than 2000m; 3.3 Atmospheric condition: The air relative humidity does not exceed 50% at +40 ¡æ; There can be higher relative humidity at the lower temperature, the monthly average minimum temperature of the wettest moon does not exceed +25 ¡æ, the intersection of monthly average maximum and relative humidity of these month does not less than 90%, and consider the condensation that takes place on the goods in process because of temperature variation; 3.4 The class of pollution: 3 grades; 3.5 Install the classification: Kind; 3.6 Installation conditions: Installation surface and degree of dip inclination of vertical plane are not greater than & plusmn; 5° ; 3.7 Impulsive vibration: The products should be installed and be used in not waving in, assault and the vibrating place notably. Fourth, the specification and 4.1 coils of amount of technical feature control the mains voltage Us: Exchange 50Hz: 110V, 127V, 220V, 380V; Direct current: 110V, 220V; 4.2 Mechanical life: CJ20-10, 16-25-40-63-100-160 10 million, 4.3 economize on electricity the intersection of product and the intersection of verse and ammeter (see Table 1) 4.4 Specification and technological performance index (see Table 2) of the contact apparatus Note: 1. Used with fuse in the table coodinatively, the stylus during breaking 50kA short circuit current of the fuse is not welded; 2.Us coil voltage. Fifth, contact apparatus of structural features 5.1 are exposed to the system to fix up for the direct type, double-breakpoint, CJ20-40A more than auxiliary stylus installed on both sides of the main contact as the independent assembly, electrically for what has been parted. The CJ20-10A one auxiliary for stylus can random combination,(see Table 3) 5.2 CJ20-10-25A products can be installed with the screw, can also install with 35mm standard card rail. 5.3 CJ20-10-25A products adopt the double-breakpoint simple on-off arc extinguishing chamber or grating arc extinguishing chamber, the advantage that it is high to have ability high, reliability of breaking. Arc extinguishing chamber, the advantage that it is high that have ability high, reliability of breaking. 5.4 CJ20-63-630 economize on electricity products have, exchange or circulate, economize on electricity module with two direct, can derive the intersection of noise elimination and energy-conserving product or direct current, operate the products not merely, and does not take up the auxiliary stylus, thus improve reliability and life-span of the products greatly. It explains to sell in batches

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