Pressure tight plant of series resonance of KD-2000 series frequency conversion

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Brand / type: Good special /JIATE
Nominal voltage: Nonstandard (V) V
Overall Power Consumption: Nonstandard (W) W
Dielectric strength: Nonstandard (V) V
Brand: Good and special
Rated frequency: Nonstandard (hz) HZ
Product certification: Third party
Process and customize: Yes

Overall technological function:
The series resonance pilot unit of frequency conversion, in order to adjust and change the frequency to stimulate the series resonance.
The pressure tight plant of series resonance of frequency conversion includes the following basic part:
Variable frequency power supply, agitation voltage transformer, high-pressure reactor, capacitive voltage divider, compensating capacitor and attachment,etc..

Leading particulars:
Small, light, easy to operate
Blue on-screen display testing data, try state, and real-time operation steps are briefed on the function
The test voltage of the setting that can be flexible, the frequency modulation range, inflate time, protection current
Can calculate the electric capacity of the test specimen in test result
Have communication interface of computers, can carry on communication and test data management with the computer
There is real-time time showing, can store 200 groups of testing datas
The definition is high: The frequency resolution is 0.01Hz
The safe reliability is high. The device has electric current, over voltage, IPM and discharges to protect the function, can protect the personal and apparatus security effectively.
The test result can be printed

Technical indicator:

Ambient temperature -10 ¡æ- +45 ¡æ lies between and decreases 0- 100%
Working humidity< 90%
High & le above sea level; 2000m
Input 380V± of power; 10% of the three phases or 220V± 10% are single-phase (under 10kW) ,50Hz
Experimental capacity of amount 0- 5000kVA
Control band of frequency 0.1- 300Hz
Adjustment resolution of the frequency 0.01Hz
Export the voltage waveform Sine wave
Resonance voltage 0- 1000kV
Systematic survey accuracy 0.5 grades
Unstable degree of & le; 0.01%
Waveform distortion rate & le; 0.5%
System noise 60dB
Load rating plays and operates 60min continuously, and every part temperature rise & le; 85K
Q factor 30- 200

Lectotype basis:
List device name of the test specimen, norm (capacity, nominal voltage, cable length, sectional area,etc.) .
It propose try on by apparatus last frequency domain (cable: The rules require resonant frequency 30-75Hz; The generator requires 50& plusmn of test frequency; 2Hz; GIS chooses not to be greater than 200Hz, the generator transformer is chosen mains frequency of 3-5 times) .
Consult or measure the test specimen capacitance value to the apparatus tried.

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