ROHS environment protection type shuts out the magnesium silk thread 0.2Mm

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Brand / type: Dume wire / B-MD
Process and customize: Yes
Brand: Dume wire
Type: B-MD
Kind: Temperature sensing
Characteristic: Accurate
Material: Dume wire
Preparation method: Glazed and wire-wound
Appearance: Cylindrical
Tolerance deviation: ¡À 0.5%
Temperature coefficient: Other
Power rating: 2( W) W
Power characteristic: Low-powered
Frequency character: Intermediate frequency
Marketing way: The producer sells directly to households
The products property: New product

Dume wire and vitreous expansion coefficient of the bulb are very close, always use in the guide wire part of the modulator tube, it introduces into to be only passway that modulator tube work from electric energy to intraductal light outside the fluorescent lamp, playing sealing and conductive dual role

Application in the guide wire of modulator tube of dume wire

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The guide wire is also called the wire, it is the only passway where the modulator tube worked that it is intraductal that it introduces into the electric energy to the light outside a fluorescent lamp. Made up of three kinds of different materials, namely the inner guide wire (reveal in that internal part of the modulator tube) , exterior the wire ' The vitreous humor struggle against the foot joint part outside and light) , dume wire ( It is the middle and glass fusion seal part) . While welding, generally adopt the oxyhydrogen flame or electric arc welding neck method, weld these three parts together to become a whole.

(1)Inner guide wire: The inner guide wire requires, generally adopt the wire rod of nickel to be made because of the characteristic in the processing and vacuum, but consider resource and economic question of the material of nickel, most factories of our country have already replaced with the copper wire of the health, the diameter of the wire rod is 0.5& mdash; 0.6, useful more than 0.7 millimetres too. The length is 10& mdash; 14, useful the intersection of manganese and the intersection of copper-nickel alloy and silk too. Make and the convenience afterwards that the process will be processed for the guide wire, no matter adopt Ni wire, health copper wire, manganese copper-nickel alloy silk, need soft material.

(2) Other guide wire: At present all with more high electrolytic copper wire of the purity (replace with the dume wire too in the domestic fluorescent lamp, but because the dume wire costs an arm and a leg, there are not many ones that adopt at present) ,Diameter of 0.5, have 0.6 too while being specific, length its make the intersection of light and process (exhaust) look at, Ways are different and have and different, generally in 45& mdash; Among the 70, some are longer, suitable for car production of long range than short one, elder rank train, produce, spend for round.

(3)Dume wire: It is about 0.4 millimetres to generally adopt thread diameters, the length is in 10& mdash; Between 12 millimetres ' The other three section guide wire is used) ,Also useful 3.5& mdash; 5 millimetre person ( The inner three section guide wire is used)

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