Shijiazhuang box type transformer substation

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Brand / type: Shake the open electricity / voltage transformer
Weight: 100( kg) Kg
The protection grade of shell: IP30
Type: Voltage transformer
Rated current: 1.0( A) A
Brand: Shake the open electricity
Product certification: ISO9001
Process and customize: Yes
Impulse withstand voltage: 10( KV) V

The box type transformer substation is a kind of high-pressure switch apparatus, electricity distribution voltage transformer and distribution equipment of the undervoltage, arrange the indoor of integrated factory prefabrication, compact type switching equipment of the open air according to certain interstar connection scheme, put functions such as high-pressure electrified, stepping down, undervoltage electricity distribution of voltage transformer,etc. together organically, install in vivo in a dampproof, rustproof, dustproof, protection against rodents, firing prevention, guarding against theft, insulating against heat, totally closed, movable stell-structured case, the electromechanics integrates, the whole closed operation, is especially suitable for the construction of city network and transform, it is a kind of brand-new converting station emerging following converting station of the building construction. The box type transformer substation is suitable for mine, factory enterprise, oil gas field and wind power plant, it has substituted the original building construction electricity distribution room, the distribution point, become new turning into the distribution equipment in a complete set.

Box type transformer substation ( Abbreviated as tank transformer) About products:
The box type transformer substation of the Model ZWB is also called European tank transformer, the products accord with GB/T17467 standard requirement, support the distribution equipment as a new kind of, it has a lot of superiority more than the traditional building construction converting station. Because it is small, the floor space is small, compact, easy to move, have shortened the floor space of cycle sum of capital construction greatly, reduce the capital cost. The box type transformer substation is simple in field installation at the same time, supply power fast, plant maintenance is simple, needn't the special messenger to look after, especially it can deepen the load centre and reduce electric energy losses in improving power supply quality, it is and very important for distribution network to reelect to strengthen the reliability of supplying power. Finish the conversion of electrical energy, assign, transmit, measure compensating, systematic control, protection and communication function in tank transformer.

Box type transformer substation ( Abbreviated as tank transformer) Product structure:
There are high-pressure distribution equipments in the box type transformer substation of the Model ZWB, the distribution equipment of undervoltage, the voltage transformer of electricity distribution and part of container body four were made up. The hyperbaric chamber is made up a power supply system, can be arranged many kinds of power supply modes such as ring network supplying power, terminal power supply, dual power supply by ring main unit HXGN-12, it can install and measure the component under high pressure, meet the request of measuring under high pressure, the products have operating function of misoperation-prevent. The low pressure chamber adopts holding user's required power supply scheme of structure composition of the cupboard, many kinds of functions of electricity distribution of motive force, light distribution, reactive power compensation, electric quantity are measuredding etc.. The voltage transformer can adopt the sealed type voltage transformer or dry voltage transformer of oil immersion. Voltage transformer have the intersection of self-booting and air-cooled system, run so as to the intersection of voltage transformer and full load. Box structure assembled type for the intersection of composite material and board, chassis, mast, and upper frame make of section steel or steel Bow Bowing weld, and is carried on antiseptic treatment, the function in order to shape and insulate against heat of the top cover wholly by hot dip galvanizing, closing plate and aluminium alloy plate in order to antirust of architrave, the volume of the products is small, the weight is light, the appearance is esthetic, durable in use, can prevent the rainwater and dirt from entering, possess the outdoor service conditions for a long time.
European tank transformer

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