Shanghai cabinet conductor support / tripod support / cabinet conductor wire distributing frame / plastic cable shelf / cable bracket

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Brand / type: High tip / XY-015
Type: Slot type bridge
Type: XY-015
Applicable scope: Cable is laid on the ground
Brand: High tip
Product certification: ISO9001
Material: pp
Process and customize: Yes

Cable line groove frame / cable wire distributing frame / vinyl insulated wire support / cabinet conductor support traffic facility

The name of product: Plastic support

Product specification: Terrain clearance ( 15CM)

Trough diameter: 10-13CM

(website mark price to be inaccurate, have needs please auction after inquiring)

This kind of support has wide use range, can be used in the support shelf of any round type matter, generally used in collinear support of big cable more much, material of this product is the plastics, have insulating results, so this product is the special type products, in case the drain of the cabinet conductor is put and resulted in touching on the ground, have product this can prevent working crew from prevent Electricity Federation from set free on the ground leading to the fact ground get an electric shock while working, used in safe cable engineering generally, or building site construct field installation use at the cable!

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