DMR140 serial digital multi-functional electrical relays

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Brand: Zhejiang China is strong in the electron
Type: DMR140
Use: Scene protection is used
Process and customize: Yes
Nominal voltage: 100V
Input voltage: 100V
Rated current: 5A
Frequency: 50HZ
Outer cover material: Wire drawing of piano
DMR140 series digital multi-functional electrical relay whether whom our company put out regard voltage protection of the electric current as dispose basically, form a complete set digital protected location, suitable for directness earthing, resistance grounding, arc suppression coil earthing or ungrounded supply system of 10KV and the following voltage class, as the main protection or back up protection of various all kinds of electrical apparatus and circuit.
To the difference between protection device and protection requirement, the various types of and function of series DMR140 is as follows:
DMR140S - -Combined electric current protective device
DMR140T - -The factory uses the protective device of the voltage transformer
DMR140C - -Protective device of the high voltage capacitor
DMR140M - -Protective device of the high tension motor
DMR140L - -Circuit protective device

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