PA888-21 single phase current digital display meter

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Electric current measuring instrument of digital display
Fu Kun
Measurement limit
0.1-500( A)
Accuracy grade
3( W)
Mains voltage
220( V)
Physical dimension
120*120( mm)

One: Summary

This product is to adopt international latest electronic measurement technique, with the high-speed signal processor, for central the intersection of a new generation and digital intellectual electrical measuring instrument microprocessor. Have programmable measurement, reveal, the digital communication of intelligence, intelligence is picked up and exported, and such functions as the electric energy pulse is outputted that measurement calls the police. Inside include adjustable potentiometer mechanical spare part, enable loud amplitude enhancement of reliability, run for a long time steadily, the characteristic with convenient accuracy of reading.

Rigorous EMI, EMC designs using its on-the-spot environment adapted to interfering with strongly, will not cause influence on other ancillary equipments.

Except be able to accurate fast measurement all electrical parameter, users can choose to pick up according to the environment for use, additional functions such as communication, alarm,etc.. Pass additional function but and Modicon programmable logic controller, UTUSCADA system, Dcs system or carrying on information and machine format effective conveyance among MobBus compatible close systems.

The standard configuration of the data communication function is the isolated MobBusRTU communication protocol RS485 communication interface of photoelectricity, users can choose RS323 communication interface too.

Standard configuration that analog quantity picks up that DC4-20mA exports, can also choose other outputs according to the needs of user.

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