DSZD shakes an electromagnetic voltage transformer

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Brand / type: Shanghai tender tea leaves Yang electric / DSZD shakes an electromagnetic voltage transformer
Appearance structure: Vertical
Efficiency (¦Ç) : 100
Voltage ratio: 220( V)
The number of phases of power: Single-phase
Unshakable in one's determination shape: EI type
Process and customize: Yes
Cooling form: Dry
Frequency character: Low frequency
Application area: Test
Dampproof way: Open
Unshakable in one's determination form: Heart type
Power rating: 0.1( KVA) W
Cooling way: Cooled naturally
Type: DSZD shakes an electromagnetic voltage transformer
Coil form: Auto-voltage
Brand: Shanghai tender tea leaves Yang electric

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The company has gathered Hi-Tech and professional and technical personnel, the research and development ability of the high new product of acting on one's own, the checkout equipments of advanced production technology and completion. The company has been engaged in production since establishment: BK controls the voltage transformer SBK three-phase air-immersed voltage transformer SG three phases of the voltage transformer JBK lathe to isolate voltage transformer QZB three phases to light from the even voltage transformer JMB cable lamp voltage transformer JMB The voltage transformer isolates the stabilizator pressure regulator mining voltage transformer anti-riot voltage transformer unexplosive distribution box of voltage stabilizer high-power of dry voltage transformer of electricity of voltage transformer, family estate case, motive force case, distribution box is not the target box, the piezoelectric device of high and bottom, complete sets of electrical apparatus, electromechanical device, the unexplosive electric apparatus,etc., all products follow ISO9001 strictly, the worker of ISO14001 standard management organization who produces quality accuses of the products.
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