High high-low voltage fuse of the letter

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Brand / type: Letter height / HRW11
Brand: The letter is high
Type: Drop-out fuse
Type: HRW11
Nominal voltage: 10K( V) V
Rated current: 200( A) A
Specified breaking current: 100( A) A
Product certification: ISO9000 authorizes

With the specialized production technology, do the switch apparatus well diligently. The high vacuum switch electric apparatus Co., Ltd. predecessor of the letter of Hebei is a high vacuum switch electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the north of Hebei, recombinate and rename in 2007, it is the specialized high-pressure electric apparatus manufacturing company, legal representative: Fu JinKuan. The company lies in the hard industrial area of post of China in the west of 106 national roads, 15 kilometers in the south of Renqiu. Easily accessible, the environment is superior. The staples of our company is: The converting station, the power plant uses new high pressure vaccum switch train products and complete sets of power transmission and transforming equipment. The ones that were already studied and is developed successfully and produces in batches are as follows, 1, high-low voltage complete set of switch equipment 2, box type transformer substation apparatus 3, indoor, outdoor vacuum circuit breaker; 4,The high-pressure vacuum isolates the load switch; 5,High tension fuse; 6,High voltage current, potential transformer and batcher; 7,Electric safety inspection engineering utensil,etc.. Processed the old switch accessories at the same time, did a large amount of work and had certain transforming the experience for the outdated switch transformation. Putting into operation of new high-pressure vacuum switch and apparatus, has accelerated the oilfree less-oil course of regenerating of the power transmission and transforming equipment of the electric system, make the transformation of the urban and rural power grids have solid foundations. As the country invests a huge sum of money to strengthen transforming and upgrading of rural power grids of city network, combine with the excellent situation of the development of western regions, the prospect of our company will be brighter. In order to guarantee product quality and strengthen the agressiveness of market, the idea of our whole innovative development is: Survive on high quality, seek development with prestige; A talent, heavy science and technology. In order to guarantee the strategic thought of total quality control, we have taken a series of effective measure: First, according to international standard ISO9001: 2000 requirements, have established the system of complete quality control; Second, brand strategy leaves, create the leading brand products of our company. Our company products Model ZN28-10 vacuum circuit breaker has passed Hebei Administration of Auality and Technical Supervision qualification. This product was determined as & ldquo by the municipal enterprise office of Cangzhou recently; & rdquo of leading brand product; . Our company is awarded & ldquo at the same time; The enterprise & rdquo of the famous stars; Title. At present, our company has already begun to take shape, talents assemble, and have good cooperation foundations with several universities and colleges and electric scientific research institution. Meanwhile, production is self-contained, detection means is complete. A qualification rate of product is 99%. The selling market is expanded to the Northeast, the Northwest and southeast each province and municipality by North China. Our company produces the field and covers an area of 16665 square meters, use area is 120080 square meters; Company clerk is 120, among them engineers and technicians account for above 30% of total number, and there is equivalent talent capacity. In order to meet market demand of snowball, improve the competitiveness of market, our company has made long-term plan and recent plan of company's development. We will further expand company's scale, will improve the competitiveness of market. According to the management modes of modern enterprises, we have already improved the mechanism of management inside enterprises. Especially product control and quality control, financial administrative department. The company has recruited the specialized personnel of the relevant speciality, make the every systems of modern enterprises be implemented effectively, make the company operate fast high-efficiently. Entering the WTO in the early years, we will work hard further, will realize the enterprise idea of " the letter is high ": Create value for users! Build the chance for the staff! Bear responsibility for the society!

Contacts: Fu GuiJuan
Telephone: 8613513487320
Mobile Phone: 8613513487320
Fax: 860317 3322883
Zip: 062559
Address: Hebei Ren Qiu Renqiu of Hebei hits the industrial area of the post hard
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