BSMJ0.4-40-3 self-healing type parallel capacity device BSMJ0.4 capacitor of undervoltage

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Brand / type: Electronic device of the Changjiang River - CHANKO/BSMJ0.4-40-3
Nominal voltage: 400( V) V
Type: BSMJ0.4-40-3
Overall Power Consumption: 14( W) W
Dielectric strength: 40( V) V
Brand: Electronic device of the Changjiang River - CHANKO
Rated frequency: 50/60( hz) HZ
Product certification:
Process and customize: Yes

Products picture

Characteristic of the products

Leading particulars

1,Small, light: Because of adopting the metallized polypropylene film material as the medium, the volume, weight are only 1/4 of the old products and 1/5.
2,It is low to loss: Actual value is lower than 0.1%, so the capacitor is autogenous and with low consumption, generate heat little, temperature rise is low, the longe-lived, energy-conserving result of working is good.
3,Fine self-healing characteristic: Can puncture fast self-healing, resume normal operation in medium part that over voltage causes, make reliability greatly improve.
4,Safety: Install it inside from discharge resistance and connection release. Can make to install discharge resistance inside on the capacitor the electric energy of the strip is discharged automatically; When the capacitor breaks down, the connection release can be power-off in time, avoid the further development of the trouble, guarantee that it is safe to use.
5,Oil tightness: This capacitor adopts the advanced semi-solid impregnant, it is higher than 70 ¡æ to drip the fusing point, the oil tightness in the course of using, has avoided environmental contamination, the capacitor will not fail because of losing the oil either.

Type meaning

Main technical indicator

Service conditions: Ambient temperature - 25 ¡æ is +50 ¡æ, humidity & le; 85%, under 2000 meters above the sea level.
Nominal voltage: 250VAC, 400VAC, 525VAC, 690VAC, 750VAC, 1050VAC.
Nominal capacity: 1~100kvar.
Capacity permissible deviation: -5~+10%
Loss tangent value: Under the nominal voltage of mains frequency, tg&delta at 20 ¡æ; ≤ 0.1%.
Exchange the withstand voltage: Interpolar 10 seconds for nominal voltage of 2.15 times, 3kV10 second among the shell very much.
The highest to allow the voltage: Nominal voltage of 1.10 times.
The highest permissible current: 1.30 multiple rated current.
Since discharge characteristic: The capacitor adds 2Un direct-current volts, power-off 3 minutes later, the residual voltage reduces to 75V or lower.
Accord with the standard: GB12747-2004 IEC60831-1996.

A type main specification and physical dimension

Note: Other specification products can be regarded as the special order. The single-phase capacitor is the same as three-phase capacitor case measurement of the equal capacity.

Product series
Series BSMJ0.4

Self-healing type undervoltage parallel condenser



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