GHLM-07B dynamic laser ranging sensor

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GHLM-07B laser ranging sensor, opens up and examines the dynamic sensor newly in order to bear. Can until object go on, position, monitor in the operation, can pass the intersection of switch and the intersection of quantity and function control sensor state. It have response rate and stability more than like product, it is laser that it examines bodies in motion to be preferably choice.

Technical parameter:

Technical data
Number value
Technical data
Number value

Measurement limit
Operating temperature
-10 ¡æ- 50 ¡æ; Continuous measurement - 18 ¡æ- 40 ¡æ;

Survey accuracy
¡À 1mm;
Store the temperature
-20 ¡æ- 70 ¡æ

Service voltage
12V-24VDC; Power consumption: While awaiting the opportune moment<><1.5w>

Measurement time
0.1S- 105S

Protection grade
IP65, aluminium enclosure

Laser grade
2 grades, wavelength 635, are less than or equal to 1mW, red

Data interface
RS232/RS422/RS485 is (convertible) ,The baud rate 9600, ASCII form 8n1, can set up the content with Windows
Sensor size
See the material object


1.That the sensor may be set up different addresses ' Maximum can set up 249 different addresses) ,Used in the monobus network connection of the multicomputer ' Suitable for RS485 and RS422 bus line) .

2.The sensor can be made into the wireless communication way directly, dispense with the routing trouble. Can offer related to sensor externally positioned wireless module, can in switch over freely between being wired to have wired and

3.It is totally enclosed that the sensor can be processed, facilitate open-air use.

4.The sensor analog quantity has four kinds of voltage and three kinds of electric current output modes, the output value of simulation not only can correspond to the arbitrary segment distance, and can export backward, more flexible in use.

5.The sensor switch amount has output function, some switched outputs, switch output state can be adjusted through ordering. There can be tape year ability up to 1A even more.

6.The sensor digital interface form has RS232, RS422, RS485 can be switched over arbitrarily.

7.The sensor has outside that is touched off (when outside can enable to touch off, enter the serial measuring condition automatically) ,And after ordering to measure (power up, enter alert status, wait command is operated correspondingly) Two kinds of states. Help users use in different cases.

8.Under the serial measuring condition of the sensor, the data can be adjusted while returning to the time interval, it regulates range into 0.1S- 105S.

9.Sensor encryptable automatic thermostatical device, the operating temperature of the sensor can be expanded to at this moment - 40 degree to 60 degree, (if need larger temperature range, prove when please order) .

10.The range finding starting point of sensor can be set up as forward end and tail end, help users install the need.

11.Each sensor has the only sequence number, can read through ordering. Such as and label,unless inconsistent to be last card, please telegraph by we in time, otherwise not might influence by guarantee rights and interests of you.

Brand:Bear and open up
Survey accuracy:0.3( mm)
Measurement limit:0.05-70m
Applicable scope:Survey

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