The weight measures the balance

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Product introduction:

The automatic detection balance of the weight is to read the way to weigh and measure to the finished thing in accordance with the dynamic weight of the high speed. The system, according to the goal weight value presumed, the weight of detecting the products automatically is qualified, the quantity of the products has lacking, specification or fittings that leak and hold or hold etc. more in the packing box, find the unaccepted product system will Give the alarm automatically or according to the automatic hierarchy of the weight, can also cooperate with subsequent assembly line make, reject chain movement of poor-quality product automatically ' Apolegamy) . Have another name called: Owe heavy tester, weight to separate the balance, the weight sorts balance, weight separating machine, examining machine, automatic weigher, belt balance, examining serious appearance, weight grader, examining serious balance, dynamic balance again.

Measure things to weigh and measure through examining the heavy balance, the qualified one is sent back to the original conveyer belt, underproof to reject ' Or call the police) ,And have functions of carrying on automatic classification and counting to the products etc.; Find, have loud change in packing the original workflow of the assembly line while being whole. Can save manpower, raise the efficiency, in order to achieve the goal of controlling the ground of product quality, promote the customer's satisfaction, it is an automatic production line and packs the best product on the line to examine the apparatus.

The classifying area of 3 pieces of weight of standard is (overweight, normal, owe heavily) ,Direct display of the screen;

Can store many kinds of prescription, call out the corresponding prescription while measuring different articles;

Dust protected display unit, menu type operating system;

The easy disassemble/assemble of the conveyer, install and overhaul convenient maintenance;

The conveyer is adjustable in speed, satisfiable on-the-spot requirement, the working precision of the valid assurance;

Examine the heavy range: 30g- 300kg (design in accordance with the demand) ;

Measure the speed: 10- 100 pieces /divide (and in accordance with measuring thing volume magnitude and the front conveyer speed make) ;

Applicable scope

Production line of factory and packing the line automatic weight and measuring continuously, upper and lower limits are differentiated or the automatic hierarchy of weight is differentiated applicably. Apply to many trades such as the electron, pharmacy, food, beverage, health product, daily chemical industry, light industry extensively.

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