Brush yoke ( Copper brush box, copper brush holder, copper brush rocker, copper carbon brush yoke) Pursue

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Our company is a professional factory producing electrical machinery fittings, for many years, produce many many kinds of types (y, y2, yzr, jzr, yr, jr, zq, yb, qf, jzs,etc. Copper, aluminium, iron, bakelite brush yoke ( Brush rocker, carbon brush yoke, brush holder, brush box) ,Apply to extensively ' Metallurgical jack-up) Electric motor, ( Water wheels, turbine) Metallurgy, mine, generates electricity, chemical industry, railway, mechanical manufacturing field such as the generator, marine generator electric motor, car, motorcycle, electric tool, electric locomotive, produce the various types of collector ring meanwhile ' Slip ring) , the intersection of aluminium and blade, the intersection of iron and blade, plastic blade, carboloy brush ' Electric brush) , carbon brush yoke brush rocker ( Aluminium, iron, bakelite) , permanent torsional spring, fan housing, wiring board, terminal box, commutator, brush holder support, rings, tablock,etc., the products amount to more than 2000 kinds of specifications; And can design developing and making heterotypic products according to user's request and offer various hardware to process the business at the same time. It is a national coal trade electromechanical fittings appointed manufacturer. Welcome to send a telegram or a letter here.

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Address: Dongguang county Hebei of Hebei Dongguang county Road No. 11 of view state of Dongguang county of Cangzhou
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