Magnetic test pencil of lamp belt of 217 colorful contact-type neon

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Brand / type: Former factory / 217
Brand: Former factory
Type: 217
Physical dimension: 175( mm) mm
Ambient temperature: 500 (¡æ) ¡æ
Weight: About 37 (g) kg
Process and customize: Yes
Measurement limit: 100-500( V) V
Input voltage: 220( V) V
Output voltage: 100-500( V) V

Type: DS-217

Measurement limit: 100-500V

Arbor hardness: HRC52-56 degree

The steel criticizes the diameter: 6mm (tuba brings the magnetism)

Product specification: No. 20 Branch / box No. 800 Branch / one

One mixed-batch of stores of sincere one station speciality of great profit, the whole network is the lowest to get up and criticize, only this home!

Stock mixed-batch only 5 boxes ' No. 100 Branch) & hellip arises; …

The electricity-measured machine adopts die steel No. 136 to annotate the strong magnetism and criticize the pole, the chrome-vanadium steel preparation method of the high hardness, the blade is tall in hardness. The products are installed inside for testable 30,000 times of electronic neon courage. It is aesthetic in appearance that the crystal shank pen body adopts and imports ABS plastics in a totally new way, reasonable structure, characteristic of having long performance life etc., the quality assurance of the products is steady in a long-term.

Our company is mainly a medium and small warehouseman, the small-scale trade company of self-operation offers one station short run mixed-batch service, the product variety of our company lets you save time completely and abundantly, at fair price even more. Because of the time questions, have not all uploaded temporarily

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