CE authorizes the voltage transformer of Model R The stereo inputs the output transformer

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Brand / type: Voltage transformer of Model dibao R / Model R voltage transformer 0201
Appearance structure: Horizontal
Efficiency (¦Ç) : 80
Voltage ratio: 220( V)
The number of phases of power: Monophasic R type
Unshakable in one's determination shape: R type
Whether offer and process customizing. Yes
Cooling form: Dry
Frequency character: Low frequency
Application area: Test
Dampproof way: Open
Unshakable in one's determination form: Shell type
Cooling way: The oil immersion is air-cooled
Type: Voltage transformer of Model R 0201
Coil form: Auto-voltage
Brand: Voltage transformer of Model dibao R

[CE authorizes the voltage transformer of Model R ]

It is the voltage transformer manufacturers in Foshan to guide the treasure electric apparatus. From establishing 1994, are devoted to the voltage transformer (transformer) The research and development of the products, through the efforts of 15 years, produce the annular voltage transformer from the original form in all one's life, R type, C type, O type, Model EI power transformers and audio frequency voltage transformers have already formed certain scale of batch productino till now; Our group is further investigating the applied special circumstances of various occasions constantly, in order to meet customer's demands.

Annular voltage transformer

Voltage transformer of Model R

Voltage transformer of Model C

Voltage transformer of Model O

We have various specialized checkout equipments, such as the turn-to-turn short circuit tester, frequency multiplication voltage doubling tester, the detector of the core, the tester of turn, Wen Sheng's tester, pressure tight tester, the dynamometer, the electrical bridge, variable frequency power supply, the ondoscope, one gauss of tables, the audio analyzer,etc., can well measure the parameters of various fields. We work out a lot of crafts in material inspection, examination and test of products too at the same time, in order to imitate the real operating position, guarantee the characteristic of the products. It in the hope of offer high-quality products to customer,it last customer in special requirement.

Input transformer of the audio frequency

Voltage transformer of Model EI

Voltage transformer of pair of Model C

Output transformer

Difference of level quality with not existing of shape of the power transformer, only the power transformers of different shapes have some one's own characteristics respectively, this will not be embodied in general application, the customer can follow one's own actual conditions choice.

The core department of the voltage transformer of Model R does not adopt the width the high-quality orientation cold-rolled silicon steel tape volume of one is made into the round of waist, and the section is shown in round, needn't cut and can wind. So, therefore the voltage transformer made is noise-free, magnetic leakage is little, the no load current is little, core loss is low, high in efficiency; And because the coil is cylindrical, the length of copper wire of every circle is short, so, internal resistance is small, copper dawdles low, temperature rise is low, over load fluctuates small, the explosive force is very good. Understand more the intersection of Model R and voltage transformer ask consulting telephone: 0757-86308642

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