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Brand / type: High is sensory
Type: CO-4G
Outcoming signal: Analog type
Brand: High is sensory
The degree of sensitivity: 0- 500ppm
Process and customize: Yes
Preparation method: Call to consult

Operating principle: Electric a chemical formula ' Feulcell prototype electrochemical gas sensor) Brief introduction: High of sensory the intersection of CO-4G and the intersection of electrochemistry and gas-sensitive sensor use for, measure the intersection of ppm and the intersection of concentration level and carbon monoxide gas accurately. CO-4G is accurate, sensitive, stable and reliable and responding to fast, has already become the major sensor that the poison gas measures in the world, superior to optics, spectrum, semiconductor,etc. gas detecting means that occupied an leading position in the past. CO-4G drifts about within the range of Applicable temperature very small, insensitive to humidity and pressure change, response time is short, respond to in stable platform shape, have superior reliability and long term stability, can substitute the import brand such as technological 4CO, CO-A1 and CO-AF, and CO/MF-1000 of Membarpor of Alphasense of City, city of Britain, directly. Employ: It produce petroleum gas, deal with and refining, chemical plant, oil refinery, chemical fertilizer producing, communal facilities, sewage disposal, papermaking ( Thick liquid) Factory, pharmacy, the intersection of food and beverage, car, electric plating deal with, mine, the intersection of security and the intersection of detection, environment monitoring and industrial control,etc. and field of trade such as being military.

Contacts: Yang Wen
Telephone: 86 clicks to look over
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Address: Jiangsu National sensory information center B1 one 502 of Wuxi
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