CDZ, CSZ direct-flow power transformer

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Brand / type: Electric apparatus of Sichuan of strong fragrance / CDZ.CSZ-10A
Process and customize: Yes
Frequency character: 50HZ/60HZ
Dampproof way: See that explains
Power rating: 50VA — 5KVA( KVA) W
Cooling way: Natural cooling
Type: CDZ.CSZ-10A
Brand: Electric apparatus of Sichuan of strong fragrance

CDZ, CSZ direct current power supply

Applicable scope

CDZ and CSZ direct current power supply is the novel compact type power that our company develops newly, have compact, the intersection of appearance and beautiful, the intersection of ripple and little, low power dissipation, control the intersection of capacity and large, the intersection of grade and the intersection of great,etc. and characteristic of protecting etc.. Suitable for exchanging 50Hz (or 60Hz) , the nominal voltage is less than 500V, specified output voltage to hit for the circuit of DC24V, is used as the direct current power supply of electric control like the multi-type apparatus of every profession and trade.


1: The products accord with IEC standard; Voltage transformer and rectifying power source integrate, compact, the appearance is esthetic;

2: The specified input voltage has & plusmn; 5% take a percentage; The core adopts the argon arc weld craft of gas protection, the non-air-gap, without noise, it is small to loss;

3: Great capacitor filtering, ripple factor<5%??????,???????;

4: Fast fuse protection; Protect and wait for Damien IP20, can reach and touch the protection requirement effectively.

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