Corrosion-resistant cable bridge profile of the slot type

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Brand / type: Hua Qiang /complete
Type: Slot type bridge
Type: Complete
Applicable scope: Cable
Brand: Hua Qiang
Product certification: ISO9001:2000
Material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic
Process and customize: Whether not

The weight is light, the intensity is high, it is 1/4 of the steel under the equal volume, 1/3 of aluminium, but it bears the weight of intensity, tensile strength, resists the bending strength but far greater than the steel far, can lighten labor intensity greatly in the course of carrying, raise operating efficiency;

Able to bear acid-base to corrode, not ageing-resistant, life time, for a long time, long-term exposure or soak, either can get rusty in water, the intersection of acid and alkaline solution, input is non-maintaining all the life, it is unnecessary that it is worried to attend to etc. the paint again, is proved for highest reachable more than 34 years of life time by the real result of use;

Inflaming retarding, good insulating property, charged, electric conduction and consequence brought that may prevent materials such as the steel,etc. from in the course of using, the products of our company measure the highest withstand voltage reachable 220KV by the authoritative department, use safely and furthermore let people rest assured

Our company specializes in various glass steel works: Glass fiber reinforced plastic catch frame, the cooling column of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the packing of cooling column, glass fiber reinforced plastic underground drainage cover plate, fibreglass reinforced plastic cover, comb son of glass fiber reinforced plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bridge profile, axial flow. Roof. At odds with the community or the leadership. Air blowers of glass fiber reinforced plastic such as the oblique flow,etc.. Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline, the container, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, enamel water tank, stainless steel water tank, SMC water tank. Pipeline and air conduit, the wind-break wall of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the glass fiber reinforced plastic wards off the wind and restrains the dust wall, modify PVC plastic packing, PP high-temperature cooling column packing, PVC dehydrator, ABS plastic spray nozzle and multidimension accept the water device. Water distributor. Glass fiber reinforced plastic dryer. The core splash device of the tower, glass fiber reinforced plastic traffic facilities, glass fiber reinforced plastic handicraft, the flowerpot, peel box, more than ten kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic products such as glass fiber reinforced plastic tray, glass steel way signal chest,etc.. Once contracted domestic and foreign many focal point and major engineering work, sold to 20 odd provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the whole country with high quality, high benefit, and export to U.S.A., Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Ukraine, the Sudan, South Korea, countries such as Vietnam,etc..

Cable bridge profile of the slot type
The cable bridge profile of the slot type is a kind of all case type cable bridge profile, it is most suitable for laying the computer cable, telecommunication cable, thermocouple cable and other high sensitive systems control cable,etc., the shelter of the cable has a better result in its shielding interference and heavy corrosion environment to the control cable.
Slot type shroud of cable bridge profile form a complete set, supply with trough body, other fittings and step type, support dish type bridge common. User substantially as needing cable bridge profile of slot type other the intersection of variety and specification can come on, pursue, write to us or discuss face to face, order.

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