Glass fiber reinforced plastic electricity meter case

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Attachment Manufacturing Co., Ltd & mdash of Hao's lathe in Shandong; — It is a development devoted to the industrial automation products, large-scale enterprise specializing in making and sale, have already succeeded in developing more than 20 varieties of three series so far. The staples is as follows, mechanical spring, polycarbonate transparent electricity meter case, glass fiber reinforced plastic electricity meter case, various tools to lock, lathe protective cover, organ protective cover, protective cover of guide screw, stainless steel protective cover, flexible organ type protective cover, suit of armour type shroud, automatic adjustable shroud, engineering plastics drag chain, NC machine tool attachment productses such as steel-aluminum drag chain, Model dgt conduit protect jacket, ir-2 shaped metal rectangular flexible conduit, lathe padding iron, shaking hands, chip removal conveyer,etc.. Now in order to become the enterprises producing lathe attachment, power product, hardware & tools with bigger with more complete specification quantity at home. Users spread all over 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the whole country. The human resources of our company are abundant, have batch high-quality talent, have fixed assets of more than 15 million yuan now. According to the needs of customer, supply according to the domestic, international standard, can also process production according to the designs of all kinds of heterotypic products. Cordial to welcome the arrival of domestic and foreign customer our company investigates guidance! The letter is spread and ordered.

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