Intellectual electricity-saving appliance of the family expenses Family expenses economize on electricity product

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Brand / type: Abundant swan's source JFHY/JF-004A of gold
The products alias: High-efficient electricity-saving appliance Province electric apparatus
The use of the products: Home electricity-saving appliance
The device type of economizing on electricity: Home electricity-saving appliance
Type: JF-004A
Brand: Abundant swan's source JFHY of gold
Process and customize: Yes

Warm suggestion:

1,The above-mentioned products quotations do not include taxes ' Includes taxes and add 6 points) ,Do not include the freight charges

2,The terms of payment: The fund gets to deliver ' Need to prepay 30% prepayment when quantity is large)

3,Delivery term: Make according to the quantity.

Technical parameter:

Type JF-004A

Working voltage 90~250V AC

Applicable frequency 50Hz— 60Hz
Applicable power 20000W( 20KW) Less than effective

Pack information:

It is packed that exquisite: 42 / case

Net weight / gross weight: 340/400g

The size of the products: 112mm*63mm*38mm

Pack the size: 175mm*127mm*58mm

The size of the external box: 550mm*380mm*340mm

A case of weight: 17.5KG

Product function
1.The power saving rate is up to 10%- 35%.
2.Lengthen about electric equipment life time 40%.
3.Use voltage range 90V- 250V, stable service voltage.
4.Products maximum power 20000W( 20KW) .
5.Filter, become high-pressure pulse caused, unblocked line current wink.
6.To that the over load, shorting out, voltage are unstable acts as the bearing.
7.Reduce the circuit temperature, reactive power compensation improves the power factor.
8.Defend the vltrahigh voltage in the twinkling of an eye, lightning protection, electrical appliance protecting of the high limit, lengthen the electric apparatus life time above 1/3.
9.The life time is as long as more than 10 years.

Characteristic of the products
1.It is safe and reliable: Non-loaded, does not generate heat, it is safe and reliable to operate steadily.
2.It is unique to design: Fashionable in style and beautifying the home furnishing environment.
3.It is simple to install: Installation, needn't have professional and technical personnel's guidance and safeguard, use simultaneously by oneself.
4.The suitability is strong: Suitable for any perceptual household electrical appliance.

Result of economizing on electricity
Product this have very obvious the intersection of section and electric result, test and consumer's numerous practices on probation prove repeatedly through professional and technical personnel of us: May spend instrument live ' Tong-type ammeter) The intersection of test and the intersection of product and result of economizing on electricity obviously this too, duration the longer result the finer. However, because of such reasons as the electric apparatus type, specification, reason of the new or old intensity, power supply grid situation between town and country of each family are not the same, also will produce different results of economizing on electricity.

1,While using the electricity-saving appliance, is it careful to invite? ? ? On the socket, take care
2,After using, don't pull out frequently, so as not to influence the result of economizing on electricity
3,Don't let children touch, the situation so as not to meet accident
4,After using, the pilot lamp is not bright, please let the commission agent replace or maintenance
5,Please don't open or study maintenance independently without permission

About guaranteeing:
This product buys by oneself to guarantee replacement in one year from day when buys.
The products that the following reasons cause are damaged, are not guaranteeing the range free: (guarantee it beyond the range, collect the part expenses according to the circumstances)
Go beyond specified guarantee time limit;
Demand to operate the damage caused not according to the specification;
Users dismantle without permission, maintain the damage caused, other to damage artificially.

Relevant question and answer:
Why say family and petty trade are greater to economize on electricity in the space?
Because of the impurity in the electric wire netting ' Change etc. in wink) And interfere with ' Harmonic wave,etc.) Existence,will last error the user one ammeter,it is measure excessively not to present, last 20% errors highest: Impurity and interfering with the temperature that will also use the electrical equipment to raise, efficiency drops, increase the electricity consumption of 2_ 8% to add and consume; Produce a large amount of electric spark while opening, closing with the electrical equipment, accumulate over a long period at switch and with form, spend electric oxidative carbon membranous layer by a kind of hindrance in the electric line ' Trace) as black on the switch The resistant oxidative carbon membranous layer existence of every ohm, will use electric plant efficiency to drop by 13%, increase more than 8% of the power loss; Because of the decline of the electrical appliance efficiency, make a partial electric energy fail to get valid use, cause the waste to be up to 2- 7%. Therefore, family and the commercial place, like not optimizing with the electric line, will cause the greater electric energy to waste.

What influence does electricity-saving appliance have on electrical home appliances?
The intellectual power saving device can inhibit filtering the harmonic wave, steady voltage, the sudden change of curb, steady electric current, protect the electric equipment products effectively, lengthen the life time of the electric apparatus, there is obvious protective action on accurate electric apparatus components and parts such as the television, computer,etc..

With what factors does the level of power saving rate have something to do with?
1,Environment which the system lives in. Realize festival through the fact that voltage and electric current such as the surging, overshoot in the absorbing circuit change in wink electrically. The more active the environment that the system lives in becomes ' Run etc. with the electrical equipment as frequent switch, air conditioner are frequently started, large nearby) ,The worse power quality is, economize on electricity the result is the more obvious;
2,Systematic state. A electricity consumption system is the more unstandard, uses times the longer, the apparatus is the more disorderly, it produces transient chances to be many, whom intellectual electricity-saving appliance demonstrate economize on electricity result to be kind;
3,State of the apparatus. Apparatus, the intersection of load and working condition that start frequently it changes greater apparatus to be ideal the intersection of application and target ' Such as air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine) . The perceptual application effect that supports is superior to capacitive loads and resistance load.

How to use the abundant electricity-saving appliance of gold? Need professionals to guide?
The intellectual electricity-saving appliance passes the circuit design of the rigorous microcomputer. Charge while being the same the the intersection of loop and socket under the ammeter insert right away getting all right ' Reach the electricity-saving appliance in parallel to the circuit) ,Preferably insert near the electricity consumption relatively bigger electric apparatus, insert and can give play to the efficiency of economizing on electricity, it is very convenient, does not need professionals to assist to install.

How about the result of economizing on electricity of the abundant electricity-saving appliance of gold?
Gold abundant electricity-saving appliance economize on electricity result to be the same to different electric apparatus in using process at home.
1,The electric apparatus of inductive character: For instance refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, electromagnetism stove, microwave oven every with coil, the ones that frequently started economized on electricity relatively more.
2,Capacitive electric apparatus: Such as TV, computer, energy-conserving refrigerator, energy-conserving air conditioner, energy-conserving washing machine, relatively the electric apparatus of inductive character takes second place for the result of economizing on electricity.
3,Resistive electric apparatus: For instance electric stove son, electric for cotton-padded mattress, electric heater, instant heater,etc. can't if you can't get up, get result of economizing on electricity.

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