Commercial heat pump water heater

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It is small to make heat kw10.917.63344 power 380v/3n in type szs-03szs-05szs-10szs-15 specified input power kw2.84.58.511.2 amount 50 / hz amount When heating water amount is more waterproof than grade in l/h208336630840s 60 ¡æ1p× 4 defends the totally closed turbine type electromechanics machine's power kw0. refrigerant of corrugated sheet wind of double pipe heat exchanger evaporator of air conditioner of grain wheel of the electrical shock protection type i compressor R22 the intersection of control device and the intersection of one-chip computer and modularization control, reduce expenditure the intersection of way and safety device high expansion valve / under voltage protection, compressor overheat protective and compressor overcurrent protection, lack the intersection of oppisite phase and protection and earth leakage protection circulate the pipe diameter nd25nd32nd50nd65 calibre of conduit connect silks and answer the machine weight ' Invite) Kg100180280300 external operating temperature ¡æ- 5~40

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