PDQ2H-63/4P a pair of switch auto-switch

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Brand The general man shuts out Type PDQ2H-63/4P(50A) Insulating voltage 690( V) Nominal voltage 380( V) Rated current 50( A) Poles number 3 products authorize CCC PDQ2 series product structure and characteristic P D Q 2 serial intelligent duplicate supply automatic transfer switches are by two sets of three-electrode or four polar miniature circuit breaker and the attachment (auxiliary, warning stylus) , composition such as mechanical interlock actuator mechanism, control device. It features: Small, simple in construction; Easy to operate, have long performance life, 3P, 4P can be offered; The switch switches over and drives and adopts single motor driven, steady, without noise, impact force is small Have mechanical interlock and electrical interlocks, it is reliable to switch over, manually, auto-switch will do Daily, rated current Israel of back-up breaker is different A.T.S installs the connecting terminal inside and supports user interstar connection to reflect the circuit breaker (turn on or close) State; There are various instructions on A.T.S faceplate.

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