Solar energy inverter 10000WDC96V systematic inverter 50AMPPT control device Solar power system

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Reverse efficiency: 90( %) %
Export the voltage waveform: Sine wave
Input the voltage range: 96( V) V
Output voltage: 220( V) V
Process and customize: Yes
The regulation factor of the voltage: 3( %) %
Load regulation: 3( %) %
Output power: 10000( W) W
Type: HET-10000W
Brand: China has special benefit
Product certification: CE

The solar energy / wind energy controls and reverses the serial Item Models of the integrated machine

Type: HET-XD-








Output maximum power continuously








Type: HET-XD-







Output maximum power continuously







(Give an example: Type HET-XD-500VA, the type: HET-XD-( +) 500VA, if need to understand that please contact the online customer service in detail! )

Picture show

Description of products

First, product make up the key element

1)High-quality a mains frequency pure wave inverter ' Take the city power charging and UPS function) ;
2)The high-quality solar energy / wind energy charges the control device;

Second, products application area
1)The solar energy / wind energy leaves the power generation system of the network;
2)Complementary power generation system (can be divided into having priority and direct current of city power to have priority) of solar energy / wind energy / city power ;

Third, product function
1)Solar energy / intellectual control charging function of wind energy;
2)Reverse the function, the wide direct-current volts DC is transferred to the alternating current voltage AC of the pure wave;
3)Output the voltage regulation function, guarantee to output the alternating current voltage of the perfect pure wave;
4)Charging function of city power (AC has priority to just have) ;
5)Solar energy / complementary function of city power of wind energy, guarantee that it is incessant to export;

Fourth, products characteristic
1)It is simple and easy to install, the user only needs to connect solar energy / air blower and battery and can make up the solar energy / wind energy power generation system;
2)CPU manages, intellectual control, module composition;
3)LED, LCD reveals, all kinds of parameters of the display that can be ocular;
4)Multi-functional integrated machine, the customer does not need to buy the control device, the charger in addition, stabilizator,etc.;
5)Externally positioned storage battery, extensible reserve time, the corresponding quantity of storage battery that the customer can form a complete set according to local sunshine and wind energy demand; 6)Ability to resist load strong, bring ability strong year, can drive all load, can drive all kinds of resistance load, it can bring year perceptual apparatus all kinds of, such as motor, air conditioner, electric drill, daylight lamp, gas light,etc.;
7)Adopt the pure wave circuit design of mains frequency, the products are steady and of good performance, the failure rate is low, longe-lived, it is simple to safeguard, the general normal life time can be up to more than five years;
8)Complete protection function: Undervoltage, high pressure, high temperature, short out, overload protection,etc.
9)The products, through CE, EMC, LCD, RoHS, CCC authorize;
10)Products guarantee period was 2, free lifetime technology safeguarded;

Fifth, products parameter:


Type HET-




The solar energy is input





Electric current




Exchange and export


220VAC± 3%


50± 1Hz


Sine wave (& le of degree of distortion; 3%)


≥ 80%

Dc output



Electric current





Protect the function

Dc output

Over load, shorts out, battery high-low voltage are protected

The solar energy is input

Opposing connection of polarity, high-low voltage are protected

Exchange and export

Over load, shorting out, exchanging high-low voltage to protect


Direct current

Overcharged, overfall, battery capacity, working condition,


Reveal: Output working voltage, operating frequency, the condition of loading; Battery capacity

Alarm sound

When the battery voltage is close to shut down to click, will give out the alarm sound, until the inverter shut downs



≤ 45dB


0 ¡æ- 40 ¡æ


10%-90% (not condense)

Weight (kg)

Net weight (kg)

Gross weight (kg)

Size Size

(W× D× H)(mm)

Inner packing

External packing


The specification alteration forgives me for not issuing a separate notice

Please see and inscroll the serial inverters technical data of our company; And please choose the corresponding direct-flow input voltage;
2)Solar energy / wind energy control device: Please see the control device of the corresponding specification, and please choose to input the same direct-current volts solar energy / wind with the inverter
Yes control device;

Sixth, products schematic diagram and constituent system are introduced:
1)Power generation system from the net

This system introduces:
1)Independent power generation system from the net;
2)Suitable to have area of city power, the solar energy / wind energy power generation system needing using for a long time;
3)Preferential power generation system of city power

This system introduces:
1)There are two kinds of charging ways: City power is charged and the solar energy / air blower is charged;
2)After storage battery and city power of the simultaneous connection, use city power to supply power preferably and is supported, after the black out of city power, transfer to a storage battery and reverse and supply power automatically; Make up it with the complementary power generation system of city power of preferential solar energy / wind energy of city power;
3)After connecting the storage battery, have not connected it under the electric situation of the city, use the storage battery to reverse the supply load of supplying power directly, make up the solar energy / wind energy power generation system which leaves the network;
4)This system is suitable for the power generation system which is short of electric area, or there is no independent power generation system of area of city power, or often need to have city power and not have power generation system used in area of city power;
5)Reverse ' Direct current) Preferential power generation system

This system introduces:
1)There is only a charging way: The solar energy / wind energy is charged;
2)After storage battery and city power of the simultaneous connection, the direct current using the storage battery preferably is changed into the supply load of alternating current, when the capacity of the storage battery is not enough, transfer to city power and supply power automatically; Make up it in order to reverse the complementary power generation system of city power of preferential solar energy / wind energy;
3)After connecting the storage battery, have not connected it under the electric situation of the city, use the storage battery to reverse the supply load of supplying power directly, make up the solar energy / wind energy power generation system which leaves the network;
4)It to last electric rate system is expensive area,areas in environment protecting mode, it is can abundant utilize solar energy / wind energy not to be generated electricity, can be genuine to save city power; For instance the solar energy of family / wind energy power generation system, solar energy / wind energy street lamp power generation system,etc.;

Seventh, products and externally positioned stiff solar energy / air blower and join graph of the battery:

Enterprise's introduction

The Hua 's is that one incorporated researching and developing, producing, selling into an organic whole, the surging enterprises with independent brand, the staples has multi-functional sine wave inverters, solar energy( Wind energy) Reverse and control the integrated machine, UPS uninterrupted power system, electric inverter, the power of communication, serial power products such as the power of communication, dc screen,etc.. The company has about 5000 square meters of area of factory building at present, lectotype of the device is purchased, control the products one manufacturing, craft,it take shape strict, rigorous already products after service,etc.? ? Fan's supervisory routine, guarantees users get high-quality products and satisfactory service. Welcome to deep the intersection of understanding and we!

Buyer's notice

1,Because the treasure has certain trade special attribute and some stream freight charges, stock scheduling problem, please contact customer service before you pat, we will answer the questions of various fields for you;
2,The treasures of this shop are producer's direct selling price, do not accept the negociation price, hope everybody don't waste time in bargaining, it is very favourable price. Hope everybody forgives. The large customer contacts the online customer service, please!
3,The price of the treasures of this shop does not include the invoice price, acquiescence is not with invoice, if need the invoice, please contact the online customer service!
4,If you have bought our goods, do not allow to dismantle by oneself within guarantee period, if the question caused by dismantling by oneself, we are not acknowledging the quality problem without exception! Thank you for cooperation!
5,Please read the specification to reuse conscientiously after the goods are signed for, because one's own and non- professional says it is the products quality problem, so produced expenses such as damage, goods rejected,etc. to undertake by buyer.
6,About guaranteeing: Inverter: 2; UPS power: 3;

About the stream

1,Because some treasure weight is relatively large in volume, please inquire the concrete freight charges of the customer service;
2,If you have designated stream that can tell us to express to the company;
3,If we are damaged in transportation with sending to the companies and all signing and transporting the guarantor contract quickly, they compensate for corresponding losses. Have a very happy trade for us, please will certainly carry out:
(1)Please want me to sign for in person, such as the enterprises and institutions please explain the entrance guard to tell you to sign for, if the entrance guard takes the place of and signs for, must check whether the goods are intact, otherwise responsibility is conceited.
(2)I please in the presence of expressing personnel: Check first whether the external packing stands intact, open, check whether the fittings are complete, whether the things are damaged, please must be unusually signed for in expressing the form any question, indicate the damage situation, demand to express to personnel and sign and approve of problems happened, and please surf the Net and contact customer service or telegraph the company in time, after signing and notifying us in express delivery, we solve the problem left! The responsibility of any problem substantially as expressing to a business personnel and packetting disassembly and happening after leaving is conceited.
(3)Please get in touch with our online customer service and communicate in advance if there is any doubt or discontented after you receive the goods.
(4)If goods that receive have one's own quality problem, can and our online customer service get in touch or telegraph the intersection of we and Company directly within 3 days after receipt of goods, retreat and exchange goods, replace goods traffic charges bear by the intersection of we and Company back and forth. And no quality problem pretend to claim to retreat, exchange goods we will approve quality problem, we do not bear any freight charges either. Please notice that if have damage that let the express delivery be returned at that time while signing for, if there are damaged buyers that took charge of after signing for. (If your family or colleague withholds the attentive matters that please tell them to accept the goods, otherwise we do not bear the consequence caused) .

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