LCD liquid crystal voltmeter The blue carries the color and reveals the voltage

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Brand / type: LCD liquid crystal voltmeter / LCD liquid crystal voltmeter
Brand: LCD liquid crystal voltmeter
Type: LCD liquid crystal voltmeter
Physical dimension: 79*43*30( mm) mm
Ambient temperature: 50 (¡æ) ¡æ
Weight: 50( g) kg
Process and customize: Yes
Measurement limit: DC7.5- 19.99( V) V
Input voltage: DC7.5- 19.99( V) V
Output voltage: DC5V( V) V
The error in emasurement of the voltage: ¡À 0.5

Product specification:

DC20V: Measurement limit direct current 0 + /-19.99V
DC200V: Measurement limit direct current 0 + /-199.9V

Technical parameter:

Working voltage: AC/DC 8~12V (need to supply power and isolate from circuit-under-test alone)
Display mode: LCD, the blue is in a poor light, word high 20mm
Exterior size: 79× 43× 25 mm
Install and trepan: 76× 39 mm
Weight: About 60g
Measure the speed: ≥ 2 times / S
The ultra quantum reveals: First to reveal & ldquo; 1” Or & ldquo; -1” ,The last three does not reveal

Limit operating condition:

Operating temperature: -10- +50 ¡æ
Working humidity: 10- 80% (have no condensation)
Operating air pressure: 80- 106kPa
The sunshine is illuminated: Have not illuminated directly

Leading particulars:

1.Products good stability, examining the precision high, with strong antijamming capability

2.The appearance adopts standard size, it is convenient to install

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