Sliding pillar type pressure regulator of high-voltage test Induction regulator

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Brand / type: The spring power / TYDZ, TYSZ rise
Whether offer and process customizing. Yes
Application area: Test
Brand: The spring power rises
Frequency character: Low frequency
The number of phases of power: Three phases
Unshakable in one's determination shape: Circular type
Cooling form: Liquid /forced-oil
Dampproof way: Sealed type
Cooling way: The oil immersion is self-cooled
Appearance structure: Vertical

TYDZ, TYSZ -type high-voltage test sliding pillar type pressure regulator are that I tell and research and develop the special voltage adjustable power source that develops for equipment matching of the high-voltage test independently. Its voltage regulation of primary side used for voltage transformer of high-voltage test.
TYDZ, TYSZ -type high-voltage test sliding pillar type pressure regulator are applied to the tests of high-pressure electric apparatus and material and studied extensively. Such as the voltage transformer, institute, test center of the works, testing station of mutual inductor, reactor, capacitor, switch, cable, porcelain bushing, electrical insulator and insulating material,etc.

Input voltage: 380V 660V 1000V 2000V 3000V 4000V 5000V 6000V 8000V 9000V 10000V

Output voltage: 0-10500V 0-3300V 0-1200V (can be made to order)

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Address: Shanghai Ridge industrial area outside Jiading of Shanghai
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