Specialized three-phase dry rectifier voltage transformer 5KVA of the rail transportation apparatus

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Brand / type: Auspicious excellent /ZSG series
Cooling way: Cooled naturally
Frequency character: Low frequency
Power rating: 5 (can do other voltage and power) ( KVA) W
Dampproof way: Open
Type: Series ZSG
Process and customize: Yes
Brand: Auspicious and excellent

The products are summed up:

The rectification voltage transformer that the auspicious excellent electric equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd of Shanghai produce is used for lighting, electric apparatus of the lathe, mechanical electronic device, medical equipment, fairing attachment,etc. extensively. The properties of product can meet various special requirements of user.

ZSG -type three-phase important constituent element under rectifier unit in voltage transformer in dry rectifier ' Belong to the dry voltage transformer) ,It and various fairing attachments make up and commutate the circuit system. In order to realize that turns alternating current into the direct current, certain magnitude and voltage of the number of phases of voltage change of commutating the voltage transformer and exchanging the electric wire netting at first, and then pass the fairing attachment ' Rectifier) ,Output for direct current to pull the apparatus.

It is to add the rectifier cell to make up by BK voltage transformer or JBK voltage transformer that series BKZ, JBKZ commutate the voltage transformer. The voltage transformer is suitable for the primary side 220V or 380V and exchange the power of 50HZ, the secondary side passes the rectifier cell rectified output direct current, used in the accumulator charge, and will exchange and turn into the rectifier unit of a direct current power supply.

Characteristic characteristic:

( 1) The angry characteristic is steady: The products combine and support the characteristic, voltage fluctuation of the electric wire netting, atmospheric over voltage situation, according to commutating the load state of the voltage transformer, confirm rational, reliable insulation level and insulating model, confiscate and guarantee electric reliable performance and stability of the products. Environmental safety coefficient & ge of the products; 1.67.

( 2) It is high to move the degree of stability: The coil of the products has higher mechanical strength, have stronger ability to resist burst, in order to meet the abominable load environment extremely. Dispel whom the intersection of voltage transformer and magnetic leakage cause well in the course of designing, making or whom abnormal transportation may may lead to the fact move the unstable source. The products move stability more high. Highly resistance is hindered, higher by 30% than with the impedance of the electric voltage transformer of the capacity, in order to inhibit di/dt, the rectifier cell of effective protection.

( 3) Heat good stability: Advanced product design, placement and the most hot temperature rise of generating heat of the rigid control products, the coil, lead wire adopt the copper conductor, it is lower to choose the current density.

( 4) Overload capacity is strong: The products have high crossing load capacity and over voltage ability, fully consider the load characteristic in products design and manufacture, the different fields of choosing from temperature rise, insulating property and attachment etc. have met the requirement in year.

( 5) Economize on electricity obvious result, low noise '<65dB)?

( 6) Structure reduction, the appearance is esthetic.

Applicable environment:

1: The air temperature around is and above sea level: The upgrade of air temperature around does not exceed +40 ¡æ, the mean value of the air temperature 24h around does not exceed +30 ¡æ, the lower limit of air temperature around is not lower than a 5 ¡æ, the elevation of the installation site does not exceed 2000 meters, install in have, shake and bludgon vibrating place into vigorously.

2: The class of pollution of the atmospheric condition: Atmospheric the intersection of relative humidity and air temperature around exceed 50% when being for +40 ¡æ, can have higher relative humidity under lower temperature, the relative humidity of the maximum of wettest monthly average is 90%, the minimum temperature of this monthly average is +25 ¡æat the same time, and consider because the condensation taking place on the surface of the products in temperature variation; The class of pollution is tertiary;

3.Mains voltage: Mains voltage tolerance deviation & plusmn; 5%;

Note: This product cost is subject to unit price after communicating in detail.

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