Intelligent electricity meter case DBB16-400 original series BXD16

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First, applicable scope: 1.1 uses

DBB16 mining the explosion suppression ' Intelligence) Type kilowatt meter box ( Hereafter referred to as the kilowatt meter box) ,It is it DH to use mainly by colliery or around contain by gases explosive at medium ( Methane) Industrial and mining enterprises in,at nominal voltage to 1140V, 660V or not spend power measure in power supply system at 380V, three-phase wiring system with frequency of 50HZ, its function including three-phase voltage, electric current, every active power, reactive power, power factor, electric degree etc. is measured synthetically.

BXD -type the intersection of three-phase and electronic formula it makes electric energy meters up to be whether one adopt big the intersection of LCD and display screen, gain merit, idle work reveal meanwhile, have A, B, the intersection of C and the intersection of three-phase and voltage, three-phase current, power factor and interrupt time keeping. The whole constructional design of BXD kilowatt meter box is compact, small, light, low power dissipation, survey accuracy high, antijamming capability better, reliability high, characteristic of installing the interstar connection simple, easy to use etc..

This table is suitable for the explosive gas ' Methane) Power measure in the mine of admixture, substitutable to gain merit, the intersection of idle work and two electric energy meter and voltage, electric current, power factor meter.

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