Lubricated pressure gauge of hydraulic parts of the mound liquid of Shanghai

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Brand: Mound liquid
Type: Complete
Type: Pressure device table
Principle: Inquiry by telephone
The accuracy of measurements: Standard pressure device
Measurement limit: Inquiry by telephone MPa
Display mode: Indicator
Maximum working pressure: Inquiry by telephone MPa
Accuracy class: Inquiry by telephone
Nominal diameter: Inquiry by telephone mm

The liquid lubricated Co., Ltd. of hydraulic parts of mound of Shanghai mainly produces and researches and develops and sells the YJZQ type, KHB type, QJH type, CJZQ type, BKH type high-pressure spherical valve, hydraulic spherical valve, stainless steel high-pressure spherical valve, heavy-calibre high-pressure spherical valve, middle undervoltage spherical valve, accumulator safe spherical valve, hydraulic whole flange, separated flange, high-pressure stop valve, plastic hose clip, aluminum alloy hose clip and international sector standard pipe joint. The products walk in stability, advance, suitability in counterpart's forefront for a long time. Company's management system is sound, manufacture is superior equipped, the quality certification system is complete, have already set up regular enterprise's system. And authorize through ISO9001-2000 international quality system.

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