Specially turn into various high-low voltage voltage transformers that electrician's group produces

Favorites Email to a friend Date: 10/3/2014
Brand / type: Special Singapore / box type voltage transformer
Nominal capacity: 60( KVA) KVA
Nominal voltage: 10KV-800KV( kV) V
Brand: New and special
Type: Voltage transformer of box type

Our company is a distributor who specially turned into the transformer factory of electrician's group, can supply with special brand high-low voltage voltage transformer and relevant auxiliary products of various types of Singapore specially turned into production of transformer factory of electrician's group. Telephone number: 13999428686

Contacts: Zhu Qin
Telephone: 86 clicks to look over
Mobile Phone: 86 clicks to look over
Address: Grand room of mansion 500 of China of northwest road No. 611
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