Auxiliary stylus, F4 assist the stylus group

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Brand / type: Victory quick electric apparatus / F4 small auxiliary stylus
Nominal voltage: Consult sellers (V) in details V
Type: F4 small auxiliary stylus
Rated current: Consult sellers (A) in details A
Applicable scope: Consult sellers in details
Brand: Quick electric apparatus of victory
Mechanical life: Details consult sellers ' Ten thousand times)
Process and customize: Yes

The auxiliary stylus is used mainly for exchanging 50Hz, the intersection of rated operational voltage and 660V and following, direct-flow the intersection of rated operational voltage and and 220V make telecontrol in the following controlling circuit, can also according to requirement of GB14048.4, insert the main circuit to use as contact apparatus. First, structure are summed up: 1. The products are plastic and fastener type to assemble the structure, fully utilize inherent elasticity of nylon, do not need screw and specific purpose tool disassemble/assemble labour saving, save time, electric-saving. 2.The products are the direct type structure of moving, counter force spring adopts the pagoda type spring, the movement characteristic is reliable, the organization is flexible, the product design is compact, can prevent external incidental and dust from falling into the products. Terminal of movable placement has covers that covers hands with and can not touch the charged placement, guarantee that it is safe to use, accord with relevant electric apparatus safety standards. Products exterior size are small and exquisite, install area to be little, install way, have screw fasten or not fastener type to install on standard guide rail 35 millimetres wide and have the characteristics that it is rapidly convenient to be dismantled. 3.The stylus of the products is the double-breakpoint structure of the bridge. The stylus is made of silver-based alloy material, exposed to electrical properties superior, longe-lived, is made of inflaming retarding material and can be stopped by the enclosed type in the arc chute pressing the outward splash of electric arc with hard-wearing stylus, guarantee the security of the personal and adjacent electric apparatus. 4.Magnetic system of products work for E-shaped core reliable, loss little and noise low, have very high mechanical strength, terminal A1, A2 of coil is printed the voltage specification shows clearly that striking, the interstar connection is convenient. 5.Modularized, the building block construction assists the stylus flexibly depending upon need to assemble and use. Second, install and use and safeguard: 1. Should check the relevant technical data before installation. 2.While installing, should be as stated the condition is installed, the connecting terminal A1 of the contactor coil should accord with the top, accord with the habit of human vision. 3.To having contact apparatus that installs bottom panel of metal to earth properly. 4.Terminal screw should be tightened, after checking the interstar connection correctly, should be under the uncharged situation of the main contact, make the sucking coil energize disintegration and after experimental movements are reliable, could come into operation for several times first. 5.If find that there is an abnormal noise while using, may there is dirt on the pole face of core, please clean the pole face. 6.While using, should check every part of products regularly, require the movable placement not to block, the fastener has no loosening, if spare part is damaged, should change in time. First, have done shopping ago: There is any question, can consult at any time, our sure patience was answered to you. Second, about the price of the products: Some online prices are only for reference, the concrete product cost please send a telegram to and consult sellers. Third, about the stream: Concrete thing stream mode and expenses are determined by the fact that both parties consults. Exchange person who exposed to 001 exchange person who exposed to D1210 exchange person who exposed to D25011 exchange person who exposed to D2510 exchange person who exposed to the intersection of D40 and undervoltage exchange person who contact D65 exchange answer Exchange the contacting device D1201 with touching device D50 The victory of Leqing quick electric apparatus Co., Ltd. is located in Leqing of Zhejiang Province. Since establishment, insist on regarding revitalizing the enterprise in brand as the direction all the time, regard achieving China's famous brand as enterprise's development goal, pay close attention to pursuing quality control. The quick electric apparatus of victory will base on our country, will look forward to the world, will prosper the enterprise with science and technology, sincerity sets up one's own business, cast the quick brand of the victory. Product that Company produce have AC contactor of undervoltage, exchange accessories, F4 to assist mainly at present. Insist on & ldquo for a long time; Quality draw together capability and innovation seek development and security protection win stable managing, increasing benefit & rdquo; Management principle,in a conscientious and down-to-earth manner devoted to offer to customer quality product, create the value of maximum for the customer at responsible management attitude, high-quality products, after service of completion, reasonable price, through the intersection of victory and quick the intersection of people and untiring efforts and develop continuously, let the intersection of & and ldquo; Quick electric apparatus & rdquo of victory; Will become the powerful in trade brand as soon as possible, real? ? ? The products are famous both at home and abroad, go to the world. Under the new situation, Leqing the intersection of city and the intersection of victory and quick the intersection of electric apparatus and Co., Ltd. continue, pursue scientific and technical innovation, management innovation, the intersection of idea and innovation, serve development model that innovate, further set up and improve marketing network on the market, implement the product quality service, the ones that realized with customer's real meaning were won together, thus absorb more talents and join group of ours. The company exhausts to welcome the arrival of knowledgeable people of various circles of society and negotiate the business opportunity, we will offer & ldquo to you; High-quality, swift, professional & rdquo; Service,not sincerely cooperate, not seek common development, famous to compose clan new pages industrial together hand in hand. 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