Plc. frequency converter

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Taiwan reaches the exclusive distribution of Shenzhen of the electrical machinery, guarantees for one year. 1/3-1/1800 of 6w- 180 w. speed ratio. Act for east Wei front yard electrical machinery (t w t) of Taiwan at the same time Cheng Gang (s t s) Electrical machinery, love get profit frequency converter, the intersection of woods and frequency converter, the intersection of plc and domestic air blower, the intersection of Japan and 3 wooden speed changer, thousand Mount Tai clutches. Brake device. Eastern motor of Japan. Electrical machinery of Japanese Panasonic. Centrifugal switch for electric machine. The carbon plate of carboloy brush for electric machine, the industrial belt Dutch conveyer belt of Japanese Samsung. Bright big switching power supply, photoelectric switch. The speed controller for electric machine of proximity switch, the hydraulic buffer imports the domestic industrial castor.

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