Aviation of the Yellow River of Wen County turns on or off the control cabinet of the street lamp

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The factory of automation equipment of the Yellow River of Wen County of Henan Province is a professional factory producing control equipment of the street lamp, since 1986, have developed and produced a series of way light electric control products first according to the national patent 87107104.5, 87216079.3, 87202560.8. Since 1992, developed the automatic controller serial products of street lamp of development and production computer again, at present, our factory has already produced the street lamp and controlled product nearly 40 varieties.

It is batch with high professional ability that there are our factories, sales force and technical backbone with smart professional technique, the reseach, development, production of the products walk in the first of the same trade all the time, especially controller serial products of street lamp of high-accuracy computer which our factory produced, try out the domestic street lamp unit, respond well, has solved the inconsistent disadvantage of lighting time caused by accumulative error, and it is bad to solve the controller antijamming capability of the general street lamp at the same time, can not operate stably the technological difficult problem, make the WLK series computer street lamp controller products which our factory produces become and operate one of the most reliable products at home at present.

Our factory always believes in " quality is the first, customer is the highest " Principle,pay attention to after service while paying attention to product quality even more, trusts with user without being so ased. The present our factory products, in order to sell most province and cities of our country, Shenzhen is received by the masses of users favourably.

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