System of rectifying a deviation of Italian re coil stock

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The system of rectifying a deviation of re coil stock is measured the probe, control device and part of driver three to form. Adopt ccd of high-resolution make a video recording probe make the sensor, can follow, with the line, can discern the edge of color with extremely low contrast. System component: Mwg.52 type rectifies a deviation the at series driver s03ccd type probe detector of the control device can control many kinds of ways of rectifying a deviation, such as follow with line and to medium-sized. Can adapt to many kinds of detection probes at the same time, visit first classly such as electric eye, ccd probe, ultrasonic probe, infrared rays. In rectify a deviation under control device control, the intersection of driver and maximum rectify a deviation speed may up to 40mm/s, thrust can reach 500kg. The maximum of detection range can reach 18mm; The definition is very thin to 0.1mm (the definition of the photoelectric probe is 0.5mm) . Can discern the edge of color with extremely low contrast such as yellow on the blank sheet of paper at the same time, all from the edge of vision of pattern and high reflectance low contrast,etc.. Enquiries and orders are welcome!, conduct both wholesale and retai business, of high quality and at a reasonable price, the price is personally discussed!

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