Man-machine circle machine eview touch-sensitive screen of all kinds of touch-sensitive screens

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All kinds of touch-sensitive screens of low price, man-machine circle machine, eview touch-sensitive screen. The life-span of mt5520t specification parameter lcd10.4би tft liquid crystal reveals 65536 colored definition 640& times of color in 50000 hours; 480pixels in a poor light the intersection of outer cover and the intersection of color and light gray the intersection of cpu32-bit520mhzrisc and +32msdram, 16mflash of memorizer, 2ccfl of light, 400cd/m2 of luminance, fill a prescription memorizer 512kbytes But expanded memory sd card, u a printer outputs a piece of audio frequency and outputs the interface program through a 10m/100m adaptation ether net mouth audio frequency of connecting band usb interface printer Ethernet of usbhost interface Downloading the serial communication interface como of interface of one usbslave supports the serial communication interface com1 of communication of rs232/485/422 way to support the communication communication of rs232/485/422 way Expand a support profibus-dp communication to expand, can insert profibus-dp network news report of the touch-sensitive screen and expand two and support canbus communication to expand through expanding, can insert canbus network news report of the touchscreen and expand three and support mpi to expand through expanding, expand and can insert the touch-sensitive screen on mp network electric power supply 21- 28vdc, working current max400ma@24v through mpi, the starting current max600ma@24vce accords with en61000-6-2: 2005/en61000-6-4: 2007 standard fcc accords with fccclassa Dielectric Strength test 500vac1 minute compatibly the insulation resistance exceed 50m@500vdc and is able to bear the intensity 10- 25hz (x, y, z direction 2g/30 minute) Protection grade ip65 working ambient temperature 0 of the front panel- Working ambient humidity 10 of 45 бц- 90% rh (not condense) Plastic abs external dimension 310& times of outer cover material; 230× 58mm trepans the size 298& times; 218mm weight 1.97kg cooling way is air-cooled naturally

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