Specialize in the pressure regulator, from the pressure regulator of the lotus root Electronic pressure regulator

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Whether offer and process customizing. Yes
Application area: Voltage regulation / constant voltage
Brand: Bright and suitable
Frequency character: Low frequency
The number of phases of power: Three phases
Unshakable in one's determination shape: Circular type
Cooling form: Dry
Dampproof way: Open
Cooling way: Cooled naturally
Appearance structure: Vertical
Voltage ratio: 380/380( V)
Efficiency (& eta) : 80
Power rating: 6( KVA)

Contacts: Yan FuHua
Telephone: 86021-56382226
Zip: 200072
Address: Zhabei District of Shanghai Road No. 38 to the extension of Zhabei district Shanghai of Shanghai
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