Pvc industrial the intersection of inflaming retarding and the intersection of conduct and raceway turn on die conventionally)

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Material: South Asia hard pvc ' Light gray) ,The insulating quality is good, do not autoignite, refractory to - 5 degrees - structure of 85 degrees: Made up of slot bottom and capping, the extracting groove sets up on both sides out the lineal hole two times; The characteristic one: Two side-exporting lineal holes of base align each other, any saw can keep the surface esthetic, neat to break or connect into L profile. The characteristic two: The capping is by the special planning, with never lossing after the base combination, and the color and luster is even, appearance is levelled, smooth, clean, has not flown, dark bubble, shrink, sunken or mechanical damage,etc. defect. The characteristic three: It is easy and dismantling simply that the lineal hole appears low, make up, easy conductor arrangement; Stock specification: The outer wall is wide, high it is the size after pxc3 type walks the raceway is made up; The stock, offer and unify the specification to describe as high and * wide. Use the characteristic: Pxc3 competent the intersection of trough and the intersection of department and the intersection of low-voltage apparatus and the intersection of auxiliary and products of raceway, offer low-voltage apparatus the intersection of wound cable and column rule to spend. Often used in the machinery, electron, automatical control, instrument, shipbuilding, switch board, distribution board, automatically controlled systematic interior wiring of lathe. Competent raceway (pvc) of senior electrician's inflaming retarding The specification expresses the specification ' It is high and x wide) Pack the specification (rice) Specification( It is high and x wide) Pack the specification ' Rice) 20x1520050x558020*2010050x3010025*5010050x806025x2510060x2510030x2510060x3510030x3010060x4010030x4010060x6010035x3010060x1006035x3510065x2510040x3010065x3210040x3510065x4510040x4010065x6510045x2510080x3010045x3210080x4010045x4510080x5010050x2510080x806050x3510080x1004850x45100100x606050x50100100x1004835*40100 Our company develop, feel, have by oneself, prepare burden by oneself, produce by oneself, can all azimuthal to produce according to the customer's demand. Our company produce in environment protecting mode the intersection of inflaming retarding and the intersection of conduct and raceway independently at the same time, welcome the intersection of old and new customers and incoming telegram come factory consult and purchase.

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