Inning contact of quarto Solid state relay

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Brand: Song LianDa
Type: Electrical relay - 01
Contact load: 3
The contact switches over the electric current: Exchange
The contact switches over the voltage: 24
Contact form: Quarto inning
Rated current: 10A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 75A, 90A
Nominal voltage: 24-380VAC
Protect the characteristic: Sealed type
The power of coil: It is consulted that prosperous and prosperous
Coil power: It is consulted that prosperous and prosperous

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Electrical relay ( English name: relay) It is a kind of electric control device, look on as input quantity (encouraging amount) Change meet requirements for regulation when,in at output circuits electric an electric apparatuses of step change predetermined without being brought about in accusing of amount. It has a control system ' Also called the input return circuit) With the quilt control system ' Also called outputting the loop) Between interdynamic relation. Apply unattended controlling circuit to usually, it go, control high-current first & ldquo of operation with trickle actually; & rdquo of automatic switch; . So play an automatic regulation, safe protection, chance-over circuit,etc. role in the circuit.
Because the electrical relay is made up of coil and contact group, the graphic symbol of the electrical relay in the circuit diagram includes two parts:
A long square frame of electrical relay represents the coil; A series of contact symbolic representation contact associations. When being not multicircuit for contact simpler, often draw the contact group on one side of the coil frame directly, this kind of technique of painting is called the centralized notation.
Electric symbol and contact form:
The relay coil is indicated by a long square frame symbol in the circuit, if the electrical relay has two coils, draw two apposable long square frames. Mark letter symbol & ldquo of the electrical relay by the long square frame is inner or long square frame at the same time; J” . There are two kinds of to represent the method contacts of the electrical relay: One kind is to draw them on one side of the long square frame directly, this kind of notation is comparatively ocular. Another kind of according to need that circuit connect, paint reach own controlling circuit respectively each contact, usually the same letter symbol on the annotation separately by contact and coil of the same electrical relay, and the number of putting the contact together, in order to show and distinguish.
There are three kinds of basic form in contacts of the electrical relay:
1,It is (normally open) to work up the making mould (H-shaped) When the coil is dead after two contacts are broken, energization, two contacts are closed. In order to shut spelling word beginning & ldquo of the word; H” Show.
2,Moving fault ( Normally closed) (D type) One Liang of contacts is disconnected after two contacts are closed, energization when the coil is dead. Use spelling word beginning & ldquo of the broken word; D” Show.
3,Conversion type (Z type) This is a contact group type. The the intersection of contact and group have three contact in all, the middle traveling contact, every one pieces of breakback contact from head to foot. When the coil is dead, traveling contact and a quiet off-contact and another one among them are closed, behind the energization coil, traveling contact move, make originally broken to become, close, originally closed to succeed off state, achieve the goal of changing. Such a contact group is called the change-over contact. Use & ldquo; Transfer to & rdquo; Spelling word beginning & ldquo of the word; z” Show.

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