DRINO frequency converter DNV510-1R5G2 frequency converter 1.5KW

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Brand: DRINO frequency converter
Type: DNV510-1R5G2
Product series: DNV510
Nominal voltage: 380
Application area: Common

googletag.cmd.push(function() {googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1370422932398-2') ; }); The DNV510 series frequency converter? ? ? ? ? ? Brand-new series DNV510 are the characteristic, common frequency converter of vector control of electric current that the function highly merges. ? ? ? ? ? ? DNV510 has leading driving behaviour and functional control in the industry, adopt the unique electric current vector control algorithm, can drive the induction machine IM and synchronous machine PM with the high efficiency, realize high precision, high performance such as the high force moment are controlled. ? ? ? ? ? ? Create the customer, the service market, no matter DNV510 is all credible in the characteristic or In Service! ? ? ? ? Outstanding characteristic 1. ? The running torque and control accuracy of the superior speed of the speed controllability can reach plus-minus 1rpm under 100% of the running torque. There is no sensor vector control to leave, running torque responds to & lt; 20ms. Sensor vector control is left, running torque responds to & lt; 5ms; Suitable for 10000 to transfer to the above high-speed numerical control main shaft; The deceleration shuts down, superior performance, park fast and accurately in 0.1 seconds; Suitable for the precision machine tool, synchronous operation, oil pump of the school,etc. is supported. 2. ? ? ? ? ? ? The high-starting torque characteristic DNV510 frequency converter can offer 150% of the starting torques (not have sensor vector control) in 0.5Hz ,Can offer 180% zero the intersection of speed and running torque in 0Hz ' There is sensor vector control) ; Suitable for starting big resistance, add the occasion of the deceleration, the hoist, mud machine fast, the agitator, plane in Longmen, the moulding plastics machine, extruder,etc. is supported. 3. ? ? ? ? ? ? The international leading one does not have speed pickup vector control without vector control algorithm of speed pickup, all right rotoplug sports, export 150% of the rated moment in 0Hz; Independent the intersection of patent and technical the intersection of parameter identification and method, but or the resting electrical machinery parameter is studied by oneself; It is convenient to debug, easy to operate, offer more high control accuracy and speed of response; Can apply to coiling and controlling, such occasions as the load that many electrical machineries pull under the same load is distributed. 4. ? ? ? ? ? ? Advanced motor drive technical support three-phase alternating current asynchronous machine, the vector control of the three-phase ac synchronous motor. ? Strong function 1. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Protecting the mechanical torque limitation DNV510 frequency converter can offer torque limitation, exceed the maximum rotary torque that machinery can be born in running torque, protection device security more appropriate on the premise of giving play to mechanical maximum efficiency within the maximum rotary torque that the frequency converter can presume torque limitation; Reliable torque limitation ( Torque limitation is worth 150%) Suitable for the hoist, load 2 such as the extruder. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Only the frequency converter will not shut down in the black out in the twinkling of an eye to stop this function in wink, in a situation that the black out in twinkling of an eye or the voltage was reduced suddenly, the frequency converter reduces the exit velocity, repay energy through load, supplement the reducing of the voltage, in order to keep continuing working in the short time of frequency converter; Suitable for the chemical fibre, textile is produced etc. and supported. 3. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The fast current limiter function of the fast current limiter function can prevent the frequency converter from frequently presenting the excessive load to call the police, when the electric current exceeds current protection to click, fast the intersection of current limiter and function can make electric current fast to limit in some current protection, thus the security of the protection device, avoid that because dashes for ward loading or interference the excessive load caused and calls the police. 4. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The electrical machinery is overheat protective to choose the Expansion cards of Input/Output, the input AI3 of analog quantity can accept the temperature sensor input ( PT100, PT1000) of the electrical machinery ,When the electrical machinery temperature exceeds the early warning value, the frequency converter outputs the pulse signal and points out the excessive heating, when it is worth that the electrical machinery temperature exceeds overheat protectively, the trouble of the frequency converter is exported to the appropriate protection of the electrical machinery. 5. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The abundant and flexible Input/Output port mark mixes AI1-AI3 three-way analog input, develop to the servo moulding plastics machine; AI1-AI3 can set up the curves of 4 points separately, uses more flexibly; Mark and mix DI1-DI6 digital input apertures of No. six, the input apertures at a high speed of No. one among them; AI1-AI3 can serve as DI; Mark and mix DO1, FM two-way digital output, among them it is the high-speed pulse output all the way; Mark and mix TA1, TB1, TC1 three-way electrical relay exported; Mark and mix AO1, AO2 two-way analog quantity exported; The multiservice card of the apolegamy can offer up to 10 Luis more than IO to expand; Can realize the integrated machine function of the lift while cooperating with DN5PLC1 programmable control card. 6. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The rotational speed tracks the rotational speed of the independent patent of the function follows the trail of algorithms; Smooth fast, zero assaults the free rotational speed of electrical machinery of tracing, is only used in the high inertia centrifugal machine, occasions such as draught fan, the electric automobile,etc..

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