Big to create ac60 --T3-r75g frequency converter

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About products: National air blower, total capacity 40000mw of pump motor of water, electric consumption accounts for 70% of industrial power consumption of the whole country, because of & quot; The big motor draws the dolly & quot; And accommodation modes such as backward flapper, valve,etc., causing only 30%-60% of operating efficiency of the air blower, water pump, have wasted a large amount of electric energy. Introduce in detail: Development on the basis of mechanical characteristic of fluid is big to achieve the frequency converter of Model ac32-p, through regulating the air blower, input frequency of the drag electrical machinery of the water pump, thus change backward accommodation modes such as rotational speed, regulation gas, fluid-flow, velocity of flow and pressure, replacing the dashboard, valve of the air blower, water pump,etc., can realize 25%-80% of the section energy easily. Used in various air blowers, water pump, oil pump type load extensively. Technological characteristic: Built-in pid function, can realize close cycle control easily through various sensors; Built-in plc function, combines various logic control of the software, but the unattended operation is automaticallied control; The strong automatic energy-conserving computing function of software, adjust the output of the frequency converter through checking the load characteristic, improve by energy-conserving 5%-10% again on the original basis; A strong one professional function ' The trouble automatic diagnosis of pipe line, waterproof hammer, consuming and supplying water,etc.) ,Let you use more conveniently and reliably; Run curve in addition, can set up run curve, enable start-stop of electrical machinery, run more steadily manually.

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