Shock-proof pressure table YN-60

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Ambient temperature: -20-80 (¡æ) ¡æ
Process and customize: Yes
Nominal diameter: Standard (mm) mm
Measurement limit: 0-60( MPa) MPa
Type: Shock-proof pressure gauge
Type: YN-60
Accuracy class: 2.5 grades
Brand: Eastern instrucment and meter plant of Fuyang of Hangzhou

Structural principle: On the basis of ordinary pressure gauge, inside packs the liquid of damping and installs the buffer gear additionally, lighten environment violent vibration and impact on instrument of pulse of the medium, the pressure gauge points out steadily and clearly. The products are employed: The shock-proof pressure gauge is suitable for shaking the place vigorously in environment, can tolerate mediums and pulse, assaulted and unloaded suddenly, the gauge reading was steady and clear. Apply to machinery, departments such as the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mine, electricity,etc. extensively, measure it to copper and copper alloy pressure without corrosivity medium. Working condition 1. When the instrument is in normal operating conditions, the instrument working position is in conformity with erection. 2.It should be even that load is stable, increases and decreases load. 3.The ambient temperature around is -20-80 4. The antidetonation grade is V.H.4 or V.H.5. The type explains the precision of structural style of technical parameter type of the shock-proof pressure gauge (%) Pressure range (MPa) Use environmental condition YN-50Z axially boundless & plusmn; 2.50- 0.160- 0.250- 0.40- 0.6 0- 1.0 0- 1.60- 2.5 0- 4 0- 60- 100- 160- 250- 400- 600- 1000- 120The ambient temperature around is: -5- 55 ¡æ; -25- 55 ¡æ. Use the vibration frequency of the work environment not to greater than 25Hz, amplitude greater than 1mmYN-60 boundless YN-60T YN-60Z boundless YN-60ZT bring ahead the intersection of YN-100 and boundless & plusmn radially axially axially behind the radial strip radially; 1.6 0- 0.16 0- 0.25 0- 0.40- 0.60- 1.0 0- 1.6; 0- 2.5 0- 4 0- 60- 100- 160- 250- 400- 60; 0- 100 0- 160-0.1- 0.5; -0.1- 0.9; -0.1- 1.5-0.1- 2.4-0.1- 0YN-100T YN-100Z boundless YN-100ZT bring ahead the intersection of YN-150 and boundless the intersection of YN-150T and YN-150Z boundless YN-150ZT axially under radial strip radially axially axially behind the radial strip Bring the front a shock-proof pressure gauge sizing specification type physical dimension (mm) axially ABCDdd0MYN-50Z29240ø 50 --M10× 1YN-60313214ø 60 --M14× 1.5YN-60T313215ø 75ø 3.4YN-60Z30320 --YN-60ZT30320ø 75ø 3.4YN-100444518ø 100 --M20× 1.5YN-100T444619ø 118ø 5.5YN-100Z434534 --YN-100ZT434544ø 118ø 5.5YN-150504719ø 150 --M20× 1.5YN-150T504820ø 165ø 5.5YN-150Z514755 --YN-150ZT514755ø 165ø 5.5

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